A Full Moon Gift!!

Something wonderful happened today. Trenchers, who have for years lived only 9 miles apart, meet for the first time, in person, face-to-face. Wow. Galen and her husband, Kelly, meet Norm. It was great camaraderie and conversation as we each conveyed our vision of taking down tyranny. Ha!! No easy task. But talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and yeah, we know it won’t be pretty.

A word about Norm. This is a quality human being. Kelly and I felt so blessed to have met him. I can say he truly and fearlessly walks his talk. I can also say that had I a son, I’d want him to be much like Norm: kind, generous, strong, and fully committed to the fight. He speaks Japanese, is adept in martial arts (the Japanese sword variety), and has many other talents (too many to list). Speaking of “generous”… Norm treated us to a Japanese feast, in a cozy corner of an authentic Japanese eatery. Gourmet and delicious. And he came bearing gifts of homemade edibles, peach brandy, and more beautiful bottles of other kindly spirits. It was early Christmas.

And we talked of The Bill of Rights and of everything standing in the way of it. And we talked of Henry and the gift he gives us through his unwavering stance against the tyrants. And we acknowledged all the smart, non-compromising Trenchers. We named names and applauded.

So now there is a bit more support in the neighborhood and that feels terrific and sane. And I just had to tell you guys.


16 thoughts on “Meet-up

  1. Wow! That’s wonderful you spent time together enjoying like mindedness. And to thing you are only 9 miles from one another. I knew you both were in Hawaii and wondered if you were near each other. This is completely awesome!

  2. Very cool. I’ve only met two trenchers in person. And I’ve spoken to a couple on the phone.
    But I am always looking for the black semi when I’m driving around the Pacific Northwest.

      1. I look there too.
        Just in case the fkg cop needs cpr.


        Be safe. People are always trying to kill me for a text. At least you are rolling deep. I’m just a van with a high roof.

  3. I finally had time to read this article, and so glad I did. Both you guys are so fortunate to have met each other, always have enjoyed reading every word of both of your comments over these many years.

    So happy your so close to each other, great support opportunity there. I’m fortunate to have been to your state a couple times, mostly Honolulu as a kid. Maui once..

    Fun meeting up isn’t it?

    1. Thank you, Mark. It is quite a relief to be with others who see the deception, are willing to fight it, and who are fully behind The Bill of Rights. It’s almost a miracle when it happens, ’cause there’s so much isolation when one is surrounded by the compliant. So glad our numbers are growing. And thanks, too, for all your own brave and uncompromising words. Truth, to say the least.



    2. Hi Mark. Just wanted to thank you for the tactical tool I won in the auction. It’s in the car glove compartment thats where it stays. Not far from here a car went off the road ended up upside down in farm drainage ditch. This happened at night so it was dark. nobody seen the wreck . Next day they found the man was unable to get out and drowned. Terrible way to go.. Thanks Ken

  4. Thanks for the kind words Mark and all, and thanks you Galen for the Post…I’m not all that, but the spirit of rebellion runs strong in all the trenchers.

    Galen and Kelly are seasoned passionate folks who are very sharp and witty, I remember when I first saw Galens mail too me here and it had a Hilo, Hi address, I was like No ways..

    That was some time ago and finally yesterday we met.!

    The feeling of finally meeting up with people who understand and know wtf is really going on and know what is coming, is why we spent almost three hours together, even though I only have an hour lunch..ha. 🙂

    We spent the time trying to cram everything we wanted to say And ask to each other into a short time, it was like a whirlwind, bottled up release!

    I’m really happy we could get together and we will do it more often soon.

    We both thank Henry, Laura and all the Trenchers for the daily edification, as I told Galen, we need to find and wake up more “Neo’s” and bring them to Morpheus.. (Henry)..!

    Aloha All

    1. Yeah, smooth and warming. One day we will toast together, and if you don’t drink yours, I’ll drink it for you.



  5. Thanks you guys for getting together and telling us about it. It brought tears to my tired eyes. This brings me to the conclusion I need to do the same when the chance arises. Again thank for sharing your experience Galen, Kelly and Norm! Sincerely Ken.

    1. You’re welcome, Ken. There are so many of us out there. Seems we’re bound to “meet up.” Friendship with understanding is a balm in the firestorm.


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