Mel Gibson Helped Dismantle an International Pedophile Ring. by JACK MONTGOMERY

Mel Gibson provided “valuable intelligence” on a pedophile ring preying on children in Ukraine, according to Operation Underground Railroad.

Rumors Gibson was making a “docu-series on the $34 billion global child sex trafficking market involving countries like Ukraine” went viral following an unsourced tweet from Leading Report.


Writer Katherine Brodsky later reported these claims were false, but cited Operation Underground Railroad president Tim Ballard, who revealed Gibson made a vital contribution to the fight against child sex trafficking.


“Mel is a personal hero of mine and called me back in 2022 with valuable intelligence regarding children who were rumored to be vulnerable to human traffickers in Ukraine,” Ballard said.


“Using that intelligence, we went to Ukraine, where Operation Underground Railroad, Aerial Recovery Group, and The Nazarene Fund were successful in beginning the process of dismantling a dangerous international pedophile ring,” he added.


The flurry of interest around the alleged Gibson documentary comes as an enormous pedophile network operating largely unhindered on Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram has been exposed.

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