12 thoughts on “Merrick Garland: White Supremacy Is Top Threat

  1. Merrick Garland is a white supremacist

    that hates his country , his own race, and his mother

    1. Yep, no coinkydink most haters of whites are white themselves (and here is something most Trenchers know already but I’ll say it anyway…the irony is the name of the race of “white” skin colored folks is Caucasian…the same Caucasus region that once held the Khazar Empire, home of the original Ashkenazim Jews….who claim they are NOT WHITE! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah! Oh, and BTW, you Talmudists…guess what? THAT MAKES YOU GENTILES! DOUBLE BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

  2. I probably won’t make rent this month. Work van ate $1000 – and is again back in the shop a week later.

    I wish being a white supremacist paid better

    1. You mean your white privilege isn’t paying your bills ?
      Imagine that

      PS on a serious note,sorry to hear about your situation

  3. Homelessness. Hmm… Looks like an untapped market. Will they now start buying up all the tents? Jus’ sayin’.

    Rent-A-Tent: $100 – $300 per night.


  4. Translation time…

    Yiddish – “White Supremacy Is Top Threat”

    English – “White (European) people have always been the biggest threat to jews by finding out all about & dealing with the jewish problem!”

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