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  1. Just thought I would send you all an early Merry Christmas message. Hope you all are having a fantastic Holiday and even though our liberties have been stolen from us, it’s still a precious time of the year. Thank you for helping this special site as much as you all have, and keep up the fight as there is still much more to be achieved. Hope you all are enjoying a special meal with your families and friends.

    1. Merry Christmas Mark! I’m all by myself but that’s ok I’m watching the two seasons of Jericho

      So, you’re in Oregon now?

      1. Rapid City, SD, delivering in Minot after Christmas. I’m in a truck stop, as usual, at least there is a decent restaurant. I guess I’ll do a little egg nog and whiskey tonight. Bar on site, another plus.

        I’m doing you tube..

      2. Merry Christmas, Mary.

        Loaned out both seasons of Jericho and never got them back.
        I’m home with the pooches insulating the 5’x24′ addition to the cabin.

    1. I hear ya Sunfire, lipstick on a pig, I get it. But, we’ve been saying it for ten years. These pricks arent going to stop me from saying it.

  2. Thank you, Mark. Really, thank you!! Amazing that Henry and Laura brought us all together.
    And hey Trenchers, guess who loves you? Me, that’s who. Can’t imagine my life without you.
    I am off with a few friends to an Italian restaurant and the cook is from Tuscany. Hope it will be fun and that I get a good dose of real Christmas love. I will think of you all when we give a toast.

    Now here’s this:



    1. Merry Christmas to you EoS and may we all have a healthy and prosperous New Year
      2020…..may people see more clearly 🙂

    1. “If these acts of aggressive violence against the state continue, we can expect to see what little civil liberties are left to be whisked away in the name of protection from the ‘domestic terror threat.’

      For starters, my BILL OF RIGHTS trumps civil liberties, period.

  3. “We can expect to see peaceful activists rounded up and detained indefinitely. We can expect to see homes raided of individuals who are speaking out against the state. We will see more and more checkpoints, and less and less unmolested travel.”

    The 1st and 4th Articles to the people’s BILL OF RIGHTS covers these actions above. The 2nd Article ENFORCES them.

  4. So much wrong with this article! All the comments at TFTP are in total opposition to the writer. I had a big ol’ long comment that I accidentally deleted and don’t want to take time to rewrite it.

    One comment was telling. “Has it ever crossed anyone’s mind that Matt A. still works for the national spy agency and is collecting this intel of public minds and opinions?”

    “Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. From his bio at bottom of article at TFTP.

    1. Thanks for diving in, Katie. My first take on this was that Matt does not understand the point we are at and is still into “making nice” with the exact team that is oppressing us. As I read on it became clear that he is pushing an agenda that serves the oppressor. Surely he knows the people are fed up and in the fight of their lives.

      He mentions “random” acts of violence instead of acknowledging those acts as a direct consequence of the continuous brutality we witness every single day. This is not to justify the killing of ANY innocent person but just to say that whatever one’s inner intentions are they are overshadowed by a willingness to serve a ruthless and tyrannical regime.

      And the argument that never ceases to pop up: “If you think that the American people can somehow win in a war against the military industrial complex that the US has built up in the last two decades, you are seriously delusional.”

      He goes on to say that we’re no match for their powerful weaponry, not acknowledging we have the numbers. Of course Henry has addressed this many, many times, adding that we will certainly lose some millions in the initial stage of the battle.

      Matt calls for due process. Where? In their corrupt courts? He blames us (the people) for the police state rather than a small group of global demons who are calling the shots just about everywhere.

      The whole article seems a call for committed and continual complicity with assurance of more-of-the-same. Or worse, we move to Mao’s level and the ditch once again becomes their grand solution.


      1. Nice break down galen. Like I said, so much wrong with this article. I wouldn’t trust him to have my back, that’s for sure.

        As long as he’s been reporting on police abuse and it’s only getting worse, one would think he’d have realized by now that just reporting the abuses does not make them stop.

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