#MeToo is destroying lives (oh, and opportunities for women)

Spectator Australia – by Corrine Barraclough

It may have started as an awareness movement with good intentions, but #MeToo has become a female power play – and it’s destroying lives.

Last week The Guardian published a piece hooked on a new study, which has found that men are significantly more reluctant to interact with their female colleagues following the movement. 

The article’s author seemed surprised to hear that 27 per cent of men now avoid one-on-one meetings.

The author appeared shocked that 21 per cent of men said they would be reluctant to hire a woman for a position requiring close interaction (such as business travel).

And equally, the author seemed stunned that #MeToo, which supposedly started as a progressive movement, appears to now be dragging progress in a backwards direction.

In 2018, 15 per cent of men said they would be reluctant to hire women that require close interactions. This has risen to 21 per cent in 2019.

“It’s not just men who are afraid of women, by the way,” the wide-eyed author continued. “Women also appear to be increasingly wary of hiring women… Internalized misogyny really is a bitch.”


She concluded that men “are angry that #MeToo ever happened” – as if completely incapable of piecing together snowballs with their causes.

Meanwhile this week on social media, someone posted, “My friend’s 14-year-old daughter told me that girls in her class always use the threat “I’ll say you raped me!” towards the boys. She laughed. This is bad, very, very bad. What can we do about this?”

Twenty-three thousand people reacted. Why? Because they have engaged their brains and pieced together societal snowballs with their causes.

Someone commented, “Where have we seen this before? Yes, during the hearing for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, when three women came forward and made unsubstantiated allegations of rape. Nothing’s happened to them. That’s the example these young girls are influenced and inspired by.”

The Guardian may be scratching their heads, perplexed at the findings of this new study. However, most of us sane folk are amazed that anyone can’t see the damage that encouraging a culture of female supremacy with zero accountability is causing.

Spectator Australia

3 thoughts on “#MeToo is destroying lives (oh, and opportunities for women)

  1. I invite you to look at the “housing wanted” ads on craigslist from ANY city, and you’ll see that at least 75% of the ads were posted by women.

    This could mean that women are more likely than men to post ads on craigslist, and it could also mean that men are becoming reluctant to live with women.

    (not a scientific study here…. just an observation)

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