Mexican Cartel Throws Grenade at Border TV Station for Reporting on Them

TelevisaBreitbart – by  ILDEFONSO ORTIZ

As the border region has exploded into a war zone, a grenade was thrown at a local border television station, part of the the Gulf Cartel’s continued efforts to silence the Mexican media from reporting on the escalating violence.

The grenade was thrown at Friday night at the Televisa building in Matamoros, according to a Tamaulipas law enforcement official who spoke with Breitbart Texas. Televisa is a local TV station that is part of a larger network, and has been reporting on the cartel violence.  

The official told Breitbart Texas that so far there have been two people injured at the scene, in addition to the property damage, but no additional information is available yet. Just 20 minutes after the grenade exploded, the Mexican military clashed with a blockade set up by gunmen on the outskirts of Matamoros.

The grenade marks is the second attempt this week by the dangerous criminal organization to intimidate the media from reporting on their activities. As Breitbart Texasreported earlier this week, a group of gunmen stormed the Matamoros office of El Mañana, kidnapping and beating its news director, Enrique Juarez. They released Juarez after warning him to stop writing about violent activity in the region.

Televisa Matamoros had suffered a similar attack in August 2010 when a group of Zetas threw two grenades at the building.


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