12 thoughts on “Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Hollywood Crash – “It sounded like a bomb went off”

  1. The engine and trans fly’s 50 or 60 yards from the car. Now look at that car and the damage to the front and tell me that’s enough damage to throw the engine that far. I don’t know folks something smells like………gov involvement maybe?

  2. During my 20+ years as a career firefighter, I was on many a vehicle fire and can’t recall one where the tranny flew 50-60 yards out of the car.

    Something ain”t right here and it smells like payback.

  3. Fortunately, the Jews were up at 4:30 to film and observe. I’ve seen motors come out of Ferraris that crashed at 200 mph, but the car was torn in half. Notice how they covered the hood area in the daytime photo? That is because they are hiding something.

    I wonder if this was Snowden’s “the truth is coming and cannot be stopped” assist in the States. My “intuition” says Sam is correct…

  4. Jim Stone Freelance is usually pretty good, but is off base on this one:
    1. Car is not swapped. All pics are same 2-Dr Merc w/spoke wheels and muffler lying behind car.
    2. Fuel explosion at back of car did not blow off rear wheels. If there was a big explosion, it occurred at front of vehicle to launch engine.
    3. Rear qtr panel shows damage, possibly from contact with object before hitting tree.
    4. If this was murder, Michael was probably Snowden’s man of truth to deliver rest of story.

  5. Never read any of his stuff, but I’m sure he told the truth once too often about the wrong people.

    This definitely sounds/looks engineered.

  6. How can anyone call that an accident?
    The car was obviously firebombed. The CIA used a similar bomb not long ago in one of their attempts to eliminate Hugo Chavez.

    1. That video pretty much tells the story. This guy was probably doing in excess of 150mph, hit a fire hydrant, and the tree. The impulse momentum of hitting an immovable object sent the engine flying, ruptured the gas tank, ripped out the fuel lines, resulting in the fire. Note the supercharger on the engine. This was a fast Mercedes. Did something cause a drive by wire stuck accelerator, who knows….

      1. Further investigation shows this car to be a C-class coupe. The biggest engine is a 302hp, naturally aspirated V6. We will have to scale our speed back a little, maybe 120 or more depending on the straight line distance since the previous stop light. Interesting is Mbenz advertising a high pressure fuel system….

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