Michael Moore: ‘Guns don’t kill people, Americans kill people’

Michael MooreWhy couldn’t they have used this fat smug pr#@k as targets instead of old men, women for target practice?

Fox News

Filmmaker Michael Moore had a lot to say about guns to a paparazzo who caught up with him at LAX, the scene of a shooting last week that left a TSA worker dead.  

“I think the NRA, they’ve got it half right when they say ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people,’” he told the TMZ cameraman. “I change it to ‘guns don’t kill people, Americans kill people.’ Because we’re really the only ones that do it on this level, on this scale. Why?”

The cameraman asked Moore about his thoughts on the LAX shooting.

“Nothing changes. It’s the country we live in… Legally purchased gun, bullets. What are you going to do?” Moore said.

He then talked about how other countries don’t seem to suffer from similar numbers of attacks.

“There’s a reason why this doesn’t happen in Canada, and Ireland and France and elsewhere. They have their occasional craziness but it’s not on a weekly or monthly basis, no. So why us? Because they’re not better than us, so why us? What is it about us? That’s the question to ask,” he said.

The “Roger and Me” director continued asking questions as the cameraman attempted to formulate answers.

“They have mentally ill people in those countries. Canada, hunting is a bigger sport than hockey. There’s a lot of guns in Canada, why don’t they kill each other?”

A rep for the NRA didn’t respond immediately to FOX411’s request for comment.


17 thoughts on “Michael Moore: ‘Guns don’t kill people, Americans kill people’

  1. Aim small , shoot small .Isn`t that what Mel Gibson`s chacracter told his young sons in the movie Bravheart ? This communist fatass would make to easy of a target . I suggest gutting him like the pig , that he is !!! Then use the lard for candles , because it wouldn`t make good soap !!!

  2. Thank you, Mr. Moore. Now get back to doing what you do best, which is apparently stuffing your disgusting face-hole with fried chicken, and let the adults discuss politics.

    1. If you are going to watch the movie tonight, better make it The Patriot rather than Braveheart if you want to hear that line.

  3. I also cannot stand this guy, or people with like minds. But I will defend his/their right to speak their minds, no matter how annoying they are.

  4. Until the media stops sticking a camera in his face, this crap will always spew forward. He has a right to not have firearms, but he doesn’t have a right to take away others firearms.

    Also I REMIND EVERYONE, that HHS + DSM-IV + obamacare/NSA/NCIC database thing will take away firearms if it isn’t stopped. This should be one of the MAIN REASONS not to sign on. They EXPLOIT DATA and SCREW PEOPLE.

        1. Now I’ll have nightmares of Michael Moore in a dog stance, naked, dragging his pimple infested ass across my carpet tonight. Dammit!

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