The Whispers are Getting Louder

The New Boston Tea Party

Secession or the talk of secession is getting the attention of some politicians; not only are they nervous, but are showing concern. Of late the movement has gathered some steam. In fact the Texas Nationalist Movement has thousand upon thousands of members. Colorado too has joined the band wagon.

We are seeing intra-state divisions and straight-out calls for independence as is the case in Texas. Will this amount to anything is anybody’s guess. The dividing a state into two is a lengthy process. However, the rise of activists is not only a sign of suspicion with the liberal agenda but it is the another shot at the do-gooder politicians. Those seeking independence are not some right wing vigilantes; they are common folks whose desire is to live their life as they sit fit, distanced from big government and its invisible hand.   

Success in the long run will be based on civil disobedience. Bring the economy to a halt and then and only then will the lame-brain politicians understand the economic power we bring to the table. It is not the welfare recipient, the parasitic moocher who calls the shots, but those who work and pay taxes are the ones the politicians need be afraid of.

2 thoughts on “The Whispers are Getting Louder

  1. While it makes my hands have a cold sweat, and my solar plexus pump nausea I know the WHISPERING is 100% correct.

  2. I wonder if (when) these types of things will lead to some implementation or other of balkanization? Be it official or unofficial. Could get messy…

    Well I tell y’all this: if these ain’t interesting times yet I don’t know what will be.

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