Michael Savage: Pelosi’s ‘White-Bashing’ and ‘Cultural Genocide’ Will ‘Result in Deaths and Violence’

Breitbart – by Robert Kraychik

“Cultural genocide [is] being promulgated against Caucasians by Nancy Pelosi and the entire Democrat-Hollywood establishment,” said Michael Savage on Monday, responding to Pelosi’s recentrebranding of Donald Trump’s campaign slogan to “Make America White Again.”

Savage made his comments during his eponymous radio show on Monday. 

“[Nancy Pelosi] is one of the richest most powerful Caucasian women in the world … who hates her own heritage, who puts down her own race,” said Savage. “[She is] promoting racism and violence; can’t get enough of attacking white people.”

Pelosi is “not alone in this epidemic of hatred towards Caucasians,” said Savage, describing Democrats and the broader left as pushing animosity towards whites for political purposes.

“Pelosi must be removed from office for stirring up hatred against the races and committing a form of cultural genocide,” said Savage.

“White-bashing,” “racism,” and “promoting violence” are standard fare for Democrats and the broader left, said Savage. “This is now the platform of the Democrat Party. … [They] put down white people and the entire European American experience.”

“What is it about the idea of being Caucasian in America today that has suddenly become a crime?” asked Savage, framing the news media landscape as applying double standards to racial agitation depending on its racial target.

Racial agitation pushed by Democrats and the broader left amounts to “hatred meant to stir the masses against a group of people — violently, if necessary,” said Savage. Such racial agitation, he continued, “could result in violence and death.”

Savage linked the aforementioned racial agitation to murders of police officers by black racial nationalist and alleged Black Lives Matter-affiliated killers in Dallas, TX, and Baton Rouge, LA.

“People are being beaten up in the streets of America, randomly, for their race,” said Savage. “It’s being unreported or underreported by the media.”

The 60th Grammy Awards were illustrative of cultural degeneration wrought by leftism, said Savage.

“The Grammys are cultural suicide, where’s the Pavarotti of today?” asked Savage. Modern pop music, he said, amounts to “grunts and groans and anti-Caucasian lyrics in order to appease the masses that buy their garbage.”

Left-wing academia contributes to cultural degeneration, said Savage:

[We have] anti-American, anti-male, anti-white professors in the universities, and that is why we have filth passing for music. That is why we have garbage passing for art because the cultural war has been completed, and the only thing left now is to take care of the people themselves. First you take down the culture, you take down the pride, and then you take down the person.

Racial agitation pushed by the left is an existential threat to American culture, warned Savage. “Unless we stand up to the racists and genocidal maniacs who are attack, attacking, attacking, there’ll be nothing left to protect, nothing left to save. Everything of culture will be gone. … Unless we stand up to this, unless we stand up to them, terrible things are going to happen in this country.”

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5 thoughts on “Michael Savage: Pelosi’s ‘White-Bashing’ and ‘Cultural Genocide’ Will ‘Result in Deaths and Violence’

  1. so hate speech only applies if is directed towards the chosenites ….sheesh! they are so trying to get a race war going….there will be a war no doubt but it will be to run these hateful commie jew bastards out of this country

  2. And yet kraychik(joo) never mentions the word joo(pelosi, savage AND kraychik). Keep pushing the left/right wing of the same dirty bird all you want, but WE see you. They really are pushing hard for a race war, but NOT for revolution.

  3. Can’t we pull the plug on this hebe’s radio show?…I listened to him about 5 years ago for the first time…liked what he was saying, got sucked in and then “BOOM!”…he goes off the rails on official narrative propaganda. I looked him up online to discover his jooishness…haven’t listened since…didn’t like his voice anyway.

  4. “Cultural genocide [is] being promulgated against Caucasians by Nancy Pelosi and the entire Democrat-Hollywood establishment,”

    NO…. it’s being promulgated by Zionist Jews that own Pelosi, the democrats, and Hollywood.

    And NO, it’s not the “deep state” either, you lying sack of dung. It’s the JEWS

  5. “Such racial agitation, he continued, “could result in violence and death.”

    Which would be a good thing… IF directed ONLY at the stinking jews.

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