9 thoughts on “Michelle Obama: “Women are smarter than men”

  1. I can see why she thinks this..,, look at who she’s married too

    if she is to think that all men are as dumb as her husband than it stands to reason she would think this way,, it also proves she is narrow minded..so if we used her logic.. all Women are narrow minded , because of Mooshelle says so

        1. Actually, it’s the only relevant point.

          The only thing Michael can talk about with authority are issues from the viewpoint of a tranny.

  2. Of course, if a man said “men are smarter than women” (or “all women are insane”), that would be an unacceptable “sexist” comment.

    It’s the same double-standard that’s applied to racism. The prejudice is perfectly acceptable as long as you’re making disparaging remarks against the race targeted by the Zionists (whites), but you’re an evil bastard if you mention any other race.

    Masculinity has been under constant propaganda attack for decades because men own guns, men stand up for their rights, and men make political decision that aren’t based on being “protected” by government.

  3. Yes JR, the progressive lefties want to remove testosterone from society so we can all be “obedient workers” and not question the false authority they think they have over us. Be tolerant of deviant behavior, it’s the norm now! They are pretty much trying to tell us how to think, feel, and be tolerant of the intolerable.

  4. The mean IQ of American women is 4 points lower than that of American men, which is statistically insignificant. However, at the IQ of 120, there are twice as many men as women. At the super IQs of 160+, there 36 men per women.

    The reason the mean IQ of women is only 4 points lower than men despite so many more men having high IQs is because on the far left side if the Bell Curve men also outnumber women while intelligence amongst women is less varied.

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