Obama Accuses United States of Human Rights Violations

White House Dossier – by Keith Koffler

No, this is not satire.

From Wednesday’s press conference:

As is true on a whole range of issues — and I’ve said this in the past — many times we will work with countries even though they’re not perfect on every issue.  

And we find that in some cases engaging a country that generally is a good partner but is not performing optimally when it comes to all of the various categories of human rights, that we can be effective by working with them on certain areas, and criticizing them and trying to elicit improvements in other areas. 

And even among countries that generally have strong human rights records, there are areas where there are problems.  That’s true of the United States, by the way. 

Well, that’s one way to cozy up to the African dictators he invited to his Africa Summit.

Wait, maybe he’s talking about IRS targeting of Tea Party groups. Okay, you have a point, Mr. President.


2 thoughts on “Obama Accuses United States of Human Rights Violations

  1. Says the guy who has taken away every human right we have in this country. Does he want people to beat the shit out of him because he’s sure not trying hard to prevent it? I’m convinced he wants the people to put a target on himself. Only a complete, psychotic bastard like himself would want to do such a thing. He’s practically tempting people now.

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