Mid-Term Elections – What To Expect Now

Resister in the Rockies – by Ironwill III

So the Republicans have seized the Senate, giving them control of Congress. What do these election results mean for you?

Not much.

Øbamacare won’t be repealed. Your taxes won’t be cut. Alphabet Agencies won’t shrink. The debt won’t get fixed. The wars won’t end. LEO’s won’t stop conducting No-Knock warrant raids on the wrong homes. You’ll still go to jail for selling raw milk. You still don’t ‘own’ your home. You’ll still have to pay for welfare. TSA will still violate you when you fly. The border is still wide open. Your assets can still be confiscated. Etc….   

In my own state of Colorado, the Republicans have gained control of the state Senate, but Democrat Governor Hickenlooper still keeps his seat by the skin of his teeth (I’m highly suspect). What can I expect from this? Not much. Will the 15 round magazine limit be repealed? I doubt it. Will the mandatory background check for private gun sales be repealed? I doubt it. Will anything of significance change in favor of liberty and freedom? I doubt it.

So, again, the speed at which our liberties and freedoms are being eroded has only been slowed. They’re still eroding. In 2 more years, we’ll be fighting to elect 1 of 2 people who want to rule over you.

Do you understand yet?


2 thoughts on “Mid-Term Elections – What To Expect Now

  1. Voting is just a dog and pony show to keep Boobus Americanus believing his vote actually means something when, in fact, there hasn’t been an honest election in this country in decades, at least.

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