Mile High: Denver Celebrates 2014 With Legal Recreational Marijuana

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The times, they are a changin’, and in Denver, you can tell by the smoke signals.

It is now legal to buy and sell marijuana for recreational use in Colorado. Demand is so high (woops, there’s a pun!), the Denver Post reports, one shop started price gouging. Not cool.
—Posted by Peter Z. Scheer

4 thoughts on “Mile High: Denver Celebrates 2014 With Legal Recreational Marijuana

  1. Colorado is after the guns, but you can buy marijuana there. Will more people give up guns and move to Colorado? That’s a concept the Agenda 21 commies ought to rollout in each of their predestined pack and stack cities. This might make the Bolshevik states in the NE more tolerable. They can always recriminalize once the people have moved and disarmed. Afterall, this is incremental is it not?

  2. Co. could truly believe in freedom and legalize pot as they have but also get rid of their nonsense gun laws,the recall results will admit a very good start,hell,perhaps magpul would reopen a satellite business there with enough change,tis a great state with some really cool people,just need to get rid of the nanniers there.

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