Military Horses Are Mysteriously Dying

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A total of four US military horses in the Army’s Old Guard, have mysteriously died since February of this year.

The string of deaths of horses belonging to the Army’s 3rd regiment, commonly known as the Army’s Old Guard, has now garnered an internal investigation regarding the horses’ death.

Per the Military, the first deaths came in February when two horses died within 96 hours of each other.

The latest deaths occurred in October and then again the day after Thanksgiving.

Eugene Burks Jr., who served as the Old Guard’s horses facilities and equipment manager for over two decades, said the deaths are extremely alarming.

Two of the horses that died were a result of a gut issue.

One horse, in particular, had over 40 lbs of asphalt in its stomach at the time of its death. reported:

The Old Guard told on Friday that the most recent deaths are unrelated and also not connected to deaths in February, but a spokesperson for the unit said that the number of equine deaths that occurred this year is “not common.” Previous members of the unit also said that four successive deaths — three of which appear to be related to gut conditions — are worrying.

It has been speculated that the horses have died due to their poor living conditions but these claims have been denied by the Old Guard.

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  1. Fck no love for these Majestic creatures?!!? Dont believe it had 44lbs of gravel in its gut. Still horses are awesome creatures and I know i can talk to one when necessary. They speak the truth!! We could still give them the work they love and take care of them!!!

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