Minnesota Now Offering Enhanced Drivers Licenses

Minnesota Now Offering Enhanced Drivers LicensesKeloland TV – by Andy Graning

SIOUX FALLS, SD – Minnesota drivers can now get an enhanced drivers license.

The new IDs allow residents to go to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean without a passport.  For an extra $15 a license, the cards have an embedded radio frequency chip used at border crossings.  Physically the licenses say enhanced and have an American flag.  

If you apply for the new cards, you’ll need documents like your Social Security card and proof of residence.

Drivers should expect to wait two to four weeks for the enhanced drivers licenses to process.

Minnesota now joins New York, Vermont, Michigan and Washington to offer the enhanced IDs.


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17 thoughts on “Minnesota Now Offering Enhanced Drivers Licenses

  1. U.S. citizens SHOULD consider getting a passport anyway. Limiting their “overseas” travel options only to completely Americanized Canada, Mexico, or the Bahamas etc. doesn’t really cut it.

  2. Yea, and that radio chip would easily be just another way to track your every movement. I bet a drone could zero right in on that radio chip.

    1. Get one of those new protective wallets, or wrap the bitch in foil. These are going to be the new normal soon anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put chips in them now without the enhancement features..

      1. they have been putting the chips in military ID cards for over a decade. Wont be long until they will have them in their skin.

  3. As a general rule, you don’t want anything that’s been enhanced, reformed, or made safe by our government.

    When they try to force that crap on me, I’ll be driving without a license.

  4. The new passports have a chip in them now also so don’t think you are getting away from a chip with a passport.

  5. On a side note, I wonder if a rare earth magnet put on the chip would stop it from working? Anybody know if this will work?

    1. No
      The rfid is an antenna. It is not transmitting nor is it storing data. It is a preprogrammed wavelength and the computer network stores the files.
      You must put it in the microwave for a couple ten second spins or hammer the chip to severe its mass. Both methods are illegal as it is ID tampering. Once again you dont own the thing you pay money for. It is property of the state.

      1. oops I dropped it, then I accidentally dropped my hammer on it 8 times. (clumsy me) Then it fell into the microwave and I accidentally cooked it twice. Damn my luck. 🙂

        1. Damn Bulldog, must be some new virus or something going around because I had the same thing happen to me. I just couldn`t seem to hold on to that damned hammer 😆

  6. This is about the north american union.
    We don’t want it… they keep doing it anyway.
    Little bit by little bit the frog eventually cooks.


    1. Not to mention the five pointed star in the center of it.

      I was lucky enough to get my passport before they started chipping them. it expires 2016, though.

      Not that I’m going anywhere overseas again anyway.

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