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I’m just writing to pass on some information that came to me last week nobody seems to be covering about this Dallas Ebola issue.

I have full confidence in this because of the close personal ties I have with the source.

1. Every nurse/staff that treated Duncan at Presby was made to sign a paper stating they would self quarantine due to the obvious facts. Obviously Amber Vinson did not.  

2. The reason they moved that Nina gal (nurse) to Bethesda was because the staff refused to come to work to treat her.

3. The CDC is lying to protect the hospital.

There are serious doubt’s about Vinson calling the CDC “several times” and leave her immediate supervisor out of the loop. Hospitals have a chain of command like any other organization.

4. Nobody knows for sure exactly how Ebola is transmitted but they through Nina under the bus blaming her for breaking protocol.

5 thoughts on “Misinfo

  1. Well I’d have to say that “Misinfo” is a good title for this BS.

    It’s another article claiming there’s some kind of “cover-up”, which lends a lot of credence to the myth of Ebola even being present here.

    Talk is cheap, and so far we’ve seen tons of nothing else. As of right now, this entire “Ebola scare” could have been set in motion by a handful of crisis actors, and the Zionist news supplying their usual universal hoax-support.

    And near the alleged “victims”, we’re seeing people entirely unconcerned about catching Ebola. That’s because they know it’s a hoax.

    The only confirmed non-Zionist Ebola report we’ve had came from Ghana, and that report, which came fro someone with no motive to lie, stated that it’s all BS too.

  2. I thought Vinson calling the CDC asking for permission to fly was a lie right from the beginning. Then the CDC telling her “go fly…no problem”. It’s total BS. You can’t simply “pick up the phone” and talk to someone qualified enough at the CDC to say go ahead and fly. I knew they were lying right away. Here is another thing O’bola has passed word down to the hospitals. Do NOT make public any positive Ebola tests results because of “national security” and if you do you will go to jail and lose your job. If you have a positive Ebola test then call this number xxx-xxx-xxxx and report it to the CDC. You will be instructed what to do next.

  3. What the hell is this crap? Misinfo. is an understatement. Apparently this person didn’t get the memo because the whole damn Ebola thing in Dallas is a HOAX and NOT REAL!

  4. I was listening to an interview of Texe Marrs (Texas resident) and he is stating that Nurse Vinson lived in the same apartment complex as Duncan. Also Texe thinks Duncan might have been a CIA agent and that’s why he was brought back to the U.S. for treatment. Who really knows if Duncan really died or not? All we have are words to that affect. For all we know he could have been skirted off into a witness protection program.
    . . .

  5. “The CDC is lying to protect the hospital.”

    Do they EVER tell the truth?

    Especially when it comes to Ebola even being here to begin with.

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