Missouri Lt. Gov Kinder, DHS Plans Backdoor Gun Registration Through Drivers License Renewal

Before It’s News – by Josey Wales

Now they are targeting people with concealed carry permits when renewing their drivers license in Missouri.

Will other states follow Missouri’s lead?

Missouri’s Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder. Listen to the interview with Kinder here:

This from concerned citizen Eric Griffin. Mr Griffin came forth and exposed the recent actions of DHS.

Mr Griffin a southeastern Missouri man has sued after being told by a license office that it would make digital copies of documents needed for a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Eric Griffin, of Stoddard County, says he went to the local office with his application for a concealed carry endorsement, birth certificate and residency documents.  Griffin says he was told the documents would be scanned and digitally saved in the state Revenue Department system.


4 thoughts on “Missouri Lt. Gov Kinder, DHS Plans Backdoor Gun Registration Through Drivers License Renewal

  1. Me and my immediate family’s personal, financial, medical and military history was compromised, stolen, lost or garnered by person or persons unknown when Countrywide, HealthNet of Arizona and the Veterans Administration all had external hard drives hooked up to databases containing all the information regarding our medical, our finances, and our mortgage. We rec’d letters from all three explaining that we were going to be compensated with two years of free credit checking; no fines; no restitution; no jail – just two frickin years of credit checks. Considering the sheer numbers of hackers accessing valuable personal information on anyone today, I am assuming from a risk management and personal protection standpoint that my and my family’s welfare is at mortal risk because of the inept and negligent manner in which our private data was mishandled and controled. Do the Chinese have this info, do the Russians have this info, do bad people mean to do me and my family harm in the future? We don’t know. What I do know is that 2 years of credit checks doesn’t come close enough to relieving our fears and concerns about the welfare of my family. And the federal government wants MORE data; and they want another third party provider like Countrywide, the VA, and HealthNet of AZ to have access to all drivers licenses. Hell they couldn’t keep some illegals in DMV in AZ from stealing and using a driver’s license machine for their friends & profit. I SAY NO MORE DATA SHARING; WHAT ABOUT MY AND MY FAMILY’S RIGHTS!!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t understand the issue. Surely every time you apply for licenses and permits, the “Gov” takes copies of the documents submitted. This is to prove that the clerks have done “due diligence”.
    These documents are on file (e.g. Obamas “genuine” birth certificate), at any time the Gov can transfer these docs to digital storage. In the UK, all birth records, criminal records prior to 1930, etc etc have been digitised and put on the internet.
    I have always assumed that any information the Gov has (and banks, hospitals, workplace etc.) is compromised and can be available to persons with connections.
    The only time there is a criminal case, is when they break privacy or other laws regarding disclosure of information. E.g. parking companies can get name address details based on vehicle number plate. Whether the data is physical or digital, the laws apply.

  3. What better way than to due under handed deed’s to keep tabes on the people that the fed’s want to turn in to mindless surfe’s, the fed’s have frogotten that they work for us not the other way around.“It’s hard to believe we live in such a dark time that someone has actually banned a single shot rifle. But as you will see,If you give them one, it opens the door to MORE, this is the cleverest of all gun bans, and the end goal is civilian disarmament, the confiscation of your tools of liberty, your rifles,” What is next Auschwitz in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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