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Egyptian Army Fires On Police In Port Said

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

Sound of gunfire continued to ring around the security directorate area in central Port Said into the early hours of Sunday night as several media outlets reported that police and army soldiers have been exchanging fire at the end of a tense day in the Suez Canal city.

During the day, some 360 people were injured in clashes between police and protesters near the security directorate on Sunday, according to Egypt’s health ministry.

Military fires toward police in Egypt’s Port Said after Armed Forces solider was hit by a police truck – @EgyIndependent

Report: Policeman killed, army officer wounded in Egypt’s Port Said –@AlArabiya_Eng

Maybe this is too early to say but do you know what this reminds me of..  Syria.  Egypt is degenrating into Syria.  This is how Syria started.  Beware.  -Mort

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  1. Faris Mee says:

    Muslims will continue to live in humiliation & disgrace until we return to our religion.

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