5 thoughts on “Missouri Snubs the Feds! – The Legal Brief

  1. There was a time when the sovereign states were more powerful than the federal government. Now there seems to be a war being waged against both the states and on their inhabitants by the empire’s lawless central communist government. I suspect that domestic war will wage until the states once again declare their independence from the ruling DC masters. There is no legal or constitutional justification for the DC crime syndicate to enslave the American people under its control as we see happening in police state America. Of course, where we once had federal protection from state initiated lawlessness and criminal actions, now the reverse holds true in some states. Of course, it also appears that about 26 states are now in synch with the dictates of the zio-american crime syndicate, and for many Americans, they now have little or no legal government protections at any level. All of central government and the miscreant states are being controlled by foreign interests, both financially and politically. And let’s not forget that communism is a talmudic construct, not a Christian construct.

    What was once called the shining city on the hill is no more. What was once a country based on individual freedom and liberty is now a huge open plantation system of control where the governments (especially the shadow governments) fill the role of plantation masters, and the people (the non-government people) now fill the role of plantation slaves. The anti-federalist Founders and the early Patriots would be turning over in their graves if they were to see what is happening in 2019 in America.

    My hat is off to Missouri and to any other domestic state that chooses to declare its sovereignty over the illegal, inhumane, and immoral controls being put in place by the zio-american empire in DC, London, and Tel Aviv. Yes, because the feds only know how to wage wars, kill people, steal from the people, and destroy property, it is time to tell the zio-feds to go phuq themselves.

    1. F-k the notion of federal f-king authority and f-k the notion of state f-king authority.
      There are no lawful state governments and there are no lawful federal governments. It is just corporation and sub-contract corporations. The pedophilic federal corporation members come from the state corporations members. The state corporation members are just sub-contractors that once were once a part of what were chartered counties and municipalities.
      This is not a fight between the state and the federal corporations. This is the superior individual free sovereign nationals’ enforcing their absolute unalienable law and removing both all the unlawful corporate entities that were retarded enough to think they could subjugate their masters, the people.
      They have chosen the tune and now we’ll dance the dance, and when we are done it will be a many a decade before the first parasitic Zionist piece of shit even allows the notion of subjugating we the people to pass through their mind sitting in a dark closet. And we will make sure that the law is readily at the hands of the people to try and then hang the first son of a bitch that even mentions it.
      No offense intended, but all you have spoken here is completely irrelevant. This uprising of the people is very simple. The unlawful corporate United States and their unlawful corporate charter and their unlawful 14th Amendment creating a slave state vs we the people enforcing the supreme law of this land, the united States of the Americas’ ratified Bill of Rights and liberty and freedom.

  2. So, Mr.Kraut went to school to learn how to speak a foreign language that is used to confuse, confound, entrap, ensnare, and enslave his fellow man. He also learned parliamentary procedures that keeps our courts distant from the very people that they’re designed to serve and these courts are foreign jurisdictions no less. He is also a member of a foreign trade organization know as the BAR. I’m not sure what the BAR is as it is rather secret and has nothing to do with American laws and rights. Question – He’s a good guy? Follow up question – Really?

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