8 thoughts on “Mob Viciously Beats Trump Voter

  1. It wasn’t a “mob”…. it was a typical African-American attack against a white guy, with the usual 4-1 ratio of attackers, sucker punches to the back of the head, and every other tactic that white people would refer to as “cowardly”.

    They don’t fight like we do; they attack like a pack of dogs, so you have to be ready to neutralize them quickly, and be sure they’re not getting back up. There’s no reason anyone should be unarmed these days. If you can’t carry a gun, at least have a knife or a baseball bat, and be ready to open a few coconuts with it.

    If this guy pulled a baseball bat out of his car, I can guarantee that the whole tribe of them would be running away before he even swung the thing. They regularly conceal their cowardice behind loud, and tough talk, but if they don’t have you outnumbered and surrounded, they run like rats.

    1. All true. It’s very rare to see a group of whites beating up on a lone victim. The major exception to that rule occurs when the whites are cops. But they shouldn’t even really count, since they’re basically subhuman.

  2. I had this happen to me in high school. Not ONE white wimp would try to help me against a gang of these morons. THEN, I get sent to the dean (who was black) and she told me that black girls my age (16) had the mentality of a 5 year old white girl. SHE WAS BLACK! I am not making this up.

    1. I KNOW you’re not making this up, because my ex-girlfriend told me a similar story about her high school dean after a similar incident.

      It seems like public school employees have been told to teach white students to accept this nonsense, but if anyone can’t behave like a human, they need to be in a cage or a coffin.

  3. I guarantee you that if this guy had been armed and legally defended himself, it would have been all over the news portraying him as a “racist killer”. “Gun-free zones” are like walking through the jungle with no weapons, you’re bound to get attacked by animals sooner or later.

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