Mom Secretly Films 6-Year-Old Being Paddled by Principal

May 3, 2021
A Florida elementary school principal is under investigation for paddling a 6-year-old student who allegedly damaged a computer, according to reports. The child’s mother recorded the corporal punishment with her cellphone. The young girl can be heard sobbing as the principal and another female school employee hold her against a table, and then strike her three times. The prosecutor’s office is weighing whether to file charges against principal Melissa Carter and her colleague seen in the video.

3 thoughts on “Mom Secretly Films 6-Year-Old Being Paddled by Principal

  1. The mom was too “intimidated” to intervene?!? It’s no wonder the country is falling to tyrannical Communism so quickly and easily. Good grief, grow a backbone!

  2. The “mother” is an illegal here, stealing American Nationals’ taxpayers resources and is looking for more at the price of her child’s arse is what I see here.

    Hang em all and catapult the kid back to where it belongs.

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