Monday morning feel good stories

Police lineThis Ain’t Hell – by John Lilyea

The first story to kick off your week comes from Houston where a man and his wife out for the evening was confronted by an enterprising youth seeking to raise his minimum wage;

When the couple got out of their car, a man approached them, pulled out a gun and demanded their belongings and cash, officers say. The husband turned the tables on the crook and pulled out his own weapon.  

“They were confronted by the suspect who attempted to rob them,” Miller said. “The man shot in self defense and killed the suspect there in the parking lot.”

The husband’s case will be referred to a grand jury, but homicide detectives do not believe any charges will be filed.

The second story comes from Open Channel D and the scene changes to Palm Beachwhere 81-year-old Rosko Rock defended his renters from 39-year-old Dale Hendrix Reese;

Investigators said Reese forced his way into the house and began attacking the girlfriend and her friend, who rented a room at the residence from Rock.

Rock, according to officers, retrieved his handgun and told Reese to leave.

Police said that Reese aggressively approached Rock, so the 81-year-old man shot Reese.
Officers said they do not expect Reese to survive his wounds.

“I’m sure he did not want to shoot him. He’s not that kind of guy. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a very good neighbor,” said Cornelius.

Chief Tango sends us a couple more. The first from Omaha where 19-year-old Ramon Matlock forced his way into someone else’s home;

Police said he entered the residence through the front door. Details of exactly what happened next have not been released.

Finally, from Cleveland;

Cleveland Police say a homeowner on Aetna Ave. was at home at the time another man decided to break into his property.

The homeowner armed himself, took aim at the suspect and fired.

The suspect fled.

It is unknown whether or not the intruder was injured.

Busy weekend, huh? I feel safer, don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Monday morning feel good stories

  1. One more: This morning I saw a mouse nibbling on the veggie scraps I throw outside for the rabbits, so I fired one bullet at him, and he disappeared into a hole in the snow.

    The bullet missed him, and he’s expected to make a full recovery from the noise trauma, so he’ll probably continue nibbling on the rabbit food later today.

  2. While the outcome of these stories as good as can be hoped for,really good news for me would be non of these crimes instigated,the suspects went off to a good paying gig this morning or getting home from one and had happy/ productive lives and the intended victims had happy/uneventful weekends.On a side note,when I put out animal scraps ect. tis fair game,who ever gets their first wins,bunnies want to sleep in late,well,your free ride card was drained today!

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