Off-duty Philadelphia cop shoots man during fight over dog waste

Police say the altercation over dog waste started outside this home, and lead to an off-duty officer shooting another man Saturday just before noon.ABC 6 Action News

LAWNDALE – March 8, 2014 (WPVI) — A Philadelphia police officer shot another man during a struggle that escalated from an argument over dog waste.

Police tell Action News that this morning just before noon, the off-duty officer was outside his home when a man stopped with his dog along the 6400 block of Oakley Street. The dog went to the bathroom on the officer’s lawn. The officer asked the man to clean it up, which prompted an argument and the man left.  

He returned a short time later, according to police, without his dog and punched the officer several times in the face and head and then pulled the officer’s hood over his face.

The officer drew his pistol, which he had in a holster on his hip, and fired backward, striking the man in the right thigh while the man was behind the officer.

The man was treated at the hospital for his injuries and released. The officer was treated for facial cuts and bruises and released as well.

Internal Affairs is investigating the incident. It will also be reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office. The officer will be placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Defendant’s name isn’t being released at this time. He will be charged with aggravated assault regarding this incident.

3 thoughts on “Off-duty Philadelphia cop shoots man during fight over dog waste

  1. A cop is a cop 24/7. There is no such thing as a off duty cop. Only a cop that is not in uniform, and that is the only difference between a on duty and a so called off duty cop IMOO.
    A cop still has that PO`ed attitude all the time 24/7 .

  2. The officer clearly got his butt whipped, and had to respond as a coward would. And that is EXACTLY what he did-the wuss that he is!

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