Monsanto Concedes Defeat in the Face of Europe’s Fierce Opposition to GMO’s

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North America needs to take note: Europe has defeated the biotech giant by refusing to be contaminated with Monsanto’s GMO offerings and toxic farming methods.

Monsanto announced that they will no longer continue to lobby for approval of its genetically modified seeds in Europe due to “low farmer demand.”  

Monsanto Germany’s spokeswoman, Ursula Luttmer-Ouazane, said, “We’ve understood that such plants don’t have any broad acceptance in European societies.  It is counterproductive to fight against windmills.”

So why, despite massive protests from anti-GMO activists in the US and Canada, has Monsanto been able to keep a foothold in North America?

One big difference: the government here allows Monsanto to do anything they want, right up to composing their own protection acts.  There is a well-known revolving door between Monsanto, the judicial branch, the legislative branch, and Obama’s various nominees.

Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and  Luxembourg, on the other hand, placed an outright ban called the “Safeguard Clause” on  banned Monsanto’s MON810 maize and other forms of GMO cultivation.

Fierce opposition in Europe has also caused other biotech companies like Bayer CropScience, BASF and Syngenta, to take their toxic products and leave too.

Over 2 million protesters worldwide joined in the March Against Monsanto last Saturday.  It’s clear that some governments are listening to those who elected them.

Perhaps some of the pressure here needs to be diverted to the elected officials and the agencies that are allowing Monsanto to go about their toxic business unchecked. Maybe the next marches need to take place against agencies like the USDA and the FDA – those who have been charged with the responsibility of consumer safety and have blatantly sold out to Big Agri and the biotech industries.

While organic growers, small farms, and heritage seed companies are being regulated right out of business, Monsanto and their ilk have free reign to lay siege to our fields with chemical warfare.

Let’s follow in the footsteps of Europe – it is not reasonable to expect the creators of Round-Up and Agent Orange to do the right thing.  We must insist that those entrusted with food and environmental safety do their jobs and begin making things less hospitable for the greedy corporations, and if they do not, we must hold them personally accountable.


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8 thoughts on “Monsanto Concedes Defeat in the Face of Europe’s Fierce Opposition to GMO’s

  1. Europeans seem to be willing to get off their asses and do something once in a while, and that’s why they don’t have to eat poison.

    Americans on the other hand, for the most part, will sit on the couch and get fatter on high fructose corn syrup while they bitch about things, but when it comes to actually doing something all they seem capable of is changing the channel to help them ignore the situation. It’ll be a welcome change when they’re not so well-fed and comfortable in their homes.

    1. JR, you can hardly blame a people being kept dumbed down by a corporate owned media who says nothing of any of this. There’s people out there that still don’t even know what HFCS is, let alone dangerous gmo’s, and so I don’t see how you can call that “fat and bitching” when it’s more like “ignorant and out of the loop”

      I mean really, how many people like me even know this website exists? Is it even a million? There was only a HANDFULL of people who cared about election fraud. (the electronic vote tabulation devices) Add to that, how many people are on a dial up still. Or using some kind of proprietary mobile device which has already picked out their favorite websites, and search engines in the new so called commercial designed “ecosystem.” Does anyone even know how to search anymore? Of them, how many knew +Fravia, perhaps understand why search engines are “free” , hint they’re not free.

      How many even know basic DOS commands, or old HTML bold, center, break, img, a href’s, remarks, scripts? How many look at the source code of a malfunctioning page, how many know the IP address of WRH or Zerohedge or Xrepublic TV That’s not just LAZY, that’s dumbed down in the face of a potential collapse, that’s trusting ICANN, WIPO, faith in cPanel on shared managed /shared hosting, faith in business DNS, faith in government, same government who has ICE take downs, spying and feeding off ignorance of that same DNS. How many even have the most basic comprehension of TCPIP? How many can run an unmanaged server, or even have a firewall at all, be it hardware or software? They don’t call the individual nodes which make up a DDoS attack zombies for nothing.

      How many of you have a PirateBox up an running? I’ll give you a hint, it doesn’t have to look like the one on Dave’s wiki. IT doesn’t have to say PIRATE, it also doesn’t have to be plugged into a wall. Mine is a Tp-link TL WR1043ND, 16 GB sandisk USB, and it IS plugged into the wall. Don’t like piratebox? Try experimental mesh networks, byzantine for example. In fairness this kind of hardware hacking isn’t for everyone, I mean you don’t have to be ANAL about things like me, where my goal is to be redundant (cloned backups) and low watts (When the grid goes down, all infrastructure then goes to the off grid solar panels, we don’t need to feed 1500 watt workstations making videos for youtube anymore, we feed laptops and low power devices, 5 watt lights, 2 watt radios, 12 watt netbooks, and a PHOTO of outside conditions or text on the Geiger counter readings are ENOUGH, text will rule the communications day.) My neighborhood doesn’t need 144 homes with piratebox up, it needs one to spread the word on conditions. Next time the power goes out, see how many wireless ap’s stay up…

      Who still has a BBS running? Most have long since yanked their USRobotics cards in liew for a networking ethernet card. Fidonet FTS-001 mail, QWK mail /packets? batch file scripting?

      Many of us have oath breakers for representatives, you can yell at them every day, 100% opposing voices, and yet they’ll pass it anyway. As though ya weren’t even there. Feinstein loves to send me attachments (pdf’s) of her bulleted talking points, but every letter I Ever hand wrote she’s ignored the content of, it’s like talking to a templated, filtered, AI.

      When people don’t have access to alternative voices, they stick to the commercial broadcast, they don’t even KNOW there are problems. The few problems they learn of are presented with spin to deceive support for the REACTION part of problem-reaction-solution.

      All I am saying here is there are reason’s people are fat (the change in our sugar from the 70s to present), and powerless (dictator like representatives), depressed (lost their savings, home, property), and giving up (suicide.)

      Knowledge is power, if you know what’s happening, it REMOVES ALL THE FEAR. You will also note the theme…. military psyops patch: “who cares what they think, as long as they FEAR US” or Obama recently, “if you don’t love me, fear me” What a mind job that is, they’ve reduced protest to be Hateful, Angry, and Fearless, isn’t that the same kind of people DHS is recruiting for FEMA camps?

      You want us to speak out, but they target us when we do. The time for talk is rapidly reaching an end here. It’s either going to be a Constitutional Republic or a police state dictatorship.

      Look at STOCKS, Bonds… people believe cnbc and keynesian talking heads, “oh everything is just fine.” It’s gotten to the point where people can’t comprehend that a little gold coin the size of a quarter is worth $350 +- How can people possibly know this and have faith in Bernanke’s (foreign bankster legalized counterfeit printers.)

      why would I want four paper bills, that could be worthless, burned, destroyed, taxed or a little coin that can stay at the bottom of a pond, or in a hole forever until needed?

      These kind of discussions aren’t on broadcast entertainment. They come from informed people, fathers with sons, mothers and daughters, and loners like me who have done a little of nearly everything from electronics, electrical, aircraft, power generation, voltage regulation, frequency control, construction, wood working, agriculture, nursery operations, pesticides, cement, pools, plumbing, firearms, paint, programming. You know what I don’t know? Courts, Lawyers, DHS, fusion centers. If you ask me they have all gone to SHIT with DHS as a domestic terrorist organization.

      Courts don’t keep court records
      Lawyers translate the foreign language called law.
      DHS’s existence is in 100% opposition to the US Constitution.
      Banksters vs the oath of office and the US Constitution.

      I have ZERO faith in all of these, except the US Constitution. With law enforcement quickly joining the list.

      1. “JR, you can hardly blame a people being kept dumbed down by a corporate owned media who says nothing of any of this. There’s people out there that still don’t even know what HFCS is, let alone dangerous gmo’s, and so I don’t see how you can call that “fat and bitching” when it’s more like “ignorant and out of the loop”

        TPD, do you honestly believe that? I don’t.

        We now have available to us the greatest information highway ever conceived by man. The internet has more information at our fingertips than any library in the world. The fact that most people prefer to use it for purposes other than research and communicating as we do here on FTT, i.e. Fakebook, Twitter, video games, online gaming, porno, etc., makes them culpable for their ignorance. JR is absolutely correct in that they prefer to sit in front of the idiot box and be ‘entertained’ by Zionist ‘programming’ (there’s a good reason it’s called ‘programming’), so they are absolutely to blame for their stupidity and ignorance of the true nature of the matrix, imo.

  2. The US is busy creating laws that PROTECT evil companies such as monsanto.
    Such a disgrace – what happened to ideals such as ‘of the people’ & ‘for the people’…

  3. “…what happened to ideals such as ‘of the people’ & ‘for the people”

    It got changed to ‘of the corporation & for the corporation.”

  4. Monsanto just may be THE most evil corporation on earth, which is really saying something as there is no shortage of evil, despicable, nefarious scumbag corporations and organizations out there…Monsatan is certainly near the top (or is it bottom?) of the wall of shame of sh!t golems in the Legion of Doom. Any and all politicians that allow or support, anything but fight tooth-and-nail really, the horrifically evil activities of Monsatan are the worst sort of vermin and are traitors to not only the United States, but to all humankind and nature, and they should be strangled with their own entrails.

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