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  1. State wildlife biologists have been denying the presence of “painters’ (panthers in local parlance) for years despite numerous sightings and encounters. My daughter-in-law saw one saunder across her lawn several years ago. Wildlife officers told her confidentially there was a brood of cats in this area, but didn’t want to alarm the locals by making it public.

    1. What state? if they want to deny the existence of them in Michigan they shouldn’t be afraid to corral the ones that prowl around my house.
      The sons of bitches came down here hunting my dog, because they knocked off five other dogs in my area, and while they were waiting for a shot at him they ate my rabbits, and my raccoon.

      When I walked out to my garden one night they started snarling at me, I think because it’s where they ate the rabbits, and now consider it their hunting ground.

      They make a sound similar to the hissing of an angry house cat, but a lot louder and deeper.

  2. When I was stationed in San Angelo TX I lived out at Lake Nasworthy. Hunting turkeys one day in the thicket I saw what I thought was a big lab dog. Awhile later in the same area I saw another one but got a better look this time and realized it wasn’t a dog. I asked the owner of the property what it was and he told me they were black panthers from Mexico. They will tell you they they don’t exist there but I know better as I saw two of them.

  3. I thought this article was a spoof on articles we have seen lately about skool kids fighting back against gunmen by throwing apples, or etc. I cant remember all the articles, but I think maybe you all miss the point? if you get where I am coming from?

  4. I’ve come accross 2 and seen 4 near my home in the last 15 yrs. 2 were up close. 3 were brown and 1 black. The 2 encounters were about 50-75 feet away from me. All were in the woods adjacent to my house. 3 were seen in the daylight and one was in the dark while I was tracking a buck I had shot with a bow. It was stalking/following me for sure but had already gotten my dear which I found the next morning half eaten about 1/2 mile away. I estimate it weighed about 250 lbs. I was told by a retired Capton on the local police dept. that people buy them as cubs, raise them and let them go. Or raise them as pets and like all cats will roam about since the owners let them. He told me there was one that the police would get calls on, they’d pick the cat up in their car, bring it to the station and the owner would come pick him up.

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