6 thoughts on “Multiple Officers Shot During No-Knock Raid, One Killed

  1. Don’t knock, get shot…period. Warrant or not. No knock raids are going to decrease once LEO’s figure out we aren’t taking our 4th amendment being so blatantly abused. Until then, stories like this are going to increase. How many bodies will it take?

  2. oh please oh please no knock my house you stasi f-wits. Let this be the start of whats to come.

  3. Kill all of those terrorist invading BASTARDS! When will the citizens as a whole wake up to the tyranny that these militant thug dish out on a daily basis? We need to read about this more often and the criminal thugs dressed in body armor and terrorizing families need to be dealt with accordingly. Hired killers are hired killers no matter who they work for or how they might ju$tify their criminal existence!

  4. “Peace, that glorious moment in time when everyone stops and reloads.” -Thomas Jefferson


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