My experience w/ CovidCops

This female officer was sort of hiding in the bushes🎄🌳🌵🌴 along the walkway 🙄😒👮 yesterday & told me I had to leave & am only allowed to walk on the streets. I told her that the signs at the park specifically said ‘passive activity allowed'(?) as long as you ‘keep social distancing’ , but she had no retort or explanation for the discrepancy between the posted signs and her order. (by the way, the words ‘PASSIVE’ & ‘ACTIVE’ are literally antonyms, opposites, which shows you how insane government is)

She began to seem agitated when she saw me filming her, 😅🙄📸📷📼🎥📽📲📱(these were taken as I was walking after I left the pathway) but she did not say anything else to me. 😅 I was very glad for that. 🙄

2 thoughts on “My experience w/ CovidCops

  1. Weebles wobble, and they do fall down
    PG 13 come to your little town?
    Now the time is here
    Overcome the fear
    Weebles wobble, and they do fall down

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