My Thoughts On The Election

The Illuminati scumbags have such a tight grip on this fairy tale called Covid -19 and such game changing evil ideals in store for the entire world that Donald Trump isn’t going to fit into those God forsaken plans.

Donald Trump just doesn’t fit, he’s not up for the task, he’s too wishy-washy for lack of a better term. In Trump’s heart of hearts even he understands he’s not up for the task, circus barking isn’t going to cut it, the elites need something different, Trump isn’t it.

Biden and Harris is a better fit when it comes to full blown deceit, and with a new world order in the mix, a much better fit. Biden can be controlled better, and Harris will be able to control him, Harris is the one to watch, she is big trouble for American Nationals and our Bill of Rights, she will be the driving force behind this shit show.

Neither one of these choices are worth a damn as we here at the Trenches know very well, both choices are rife with treason and harm against American Nationals and our beloved Bill Of Rights.

In my view, Trump isn’t a good fit going forward. The Illuminati scum need to have full control, Biden is a useless and weak, Harris is a true scumbag traitor, no question, much more in tune with what these Bolshevik Jew scum bags are trying to pull off.

By Trump losing, it’s much more reasonable that a war will start because his supporters are just too stupid, this in my opinion is part of the deal, to get these Trumptard idiots to start it off.

In any case, Trump isn’t a good fit going forward.

15 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The Election

  1. I have been thinking pretty much the same thing, Mark, for months now. And Harris is very very dangerous for most Americans, regardless of race. She kept blacks in jail beyond the times they were supposed to be there; she supported pedophile priests/diocese who funded her; she openly claimed to hate whites (in a YouTube or Bitchute video, can’t remember which); she is the “PoC” version of Hillary/Killary, and her hubby is Jewish, maybe even Chabad Lubavitch. Clearly she is pro-communist, and with Biden’s connections to China…..

    American Nationalists regardless of race, color, creed, it is time to prepare, arm up, and stand of for the Bill of Rights, period, end of story! Because Harris craves ultimate power, and only power. Evil to the core!

  2. every one of these cksuckers are a Danger to our Republic , every last one of them

    Hell the fact that they keep calling out our Republic as a democracy should alone get them 20 years to life, its sedition and treasonous alone

    1. Couldnt agree more, Trump is just the wrong piece of shit, Harris is more evil, bitch was born evil… They want war, get Trump out, you’ll get it. Biden is a useless tool, senile to the bone, perfect…SHIT was planned long ago, everything…Stick Trump in, then take his useless ass out, watch the tards do the rest.

      In my opinion..

  3. This is my first article after subscribing to your report. If it’s going to be Trump bashing, I won’t be sticking around! Trump is not wishy-washy!

    1. We believe in the Bill of Rights, that makes Trump a traitor. Bill of Rights TRUMPS ALL. Mary, your in the wrong camp, this is camp freedom..

    2. We here at the Trenches don’t give a rat’s ass (or a piece of shit from said rat’s ass) whether you are a Trumptard or a Biden Buffoon, both are useless meat puppets controlled by the International Corporate Mafia (global banking cabal). If you can’t grasp the concept of the false left, false right paradigm, then you will never understand just how far down the rabbit hole goes. You are free to be a Trump cheerleader all you like, but don’t expect anyone here to join you in such stupidity. You won’t be sticking around? Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. We are here to get the Bill of Rights restored as the Supreme Law of this country, and to have our Common Law courts restored as well. If you are not part of that goal, we don’t need nor want you here.

    3. Trump is an international communist, proven by his five trademarks he holds in China where no one cannot hold a trademark unless they are a communist. There is not an iota of difference between Trump and Biden except the brand of communism they intend to remove the ratified law of we the people, the Bill of Rights, with.
      Now if you are a Trumptard, you are in the wrong f-king place. We are individual free sovereign nationals and blood enemies to both the corporate communists, you and your Trump, and the Bolsheviks, Marxists, Antifa, and Anarchists, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and company communists.
      We are the people and we are the authority for the Bill of Rights and it is our duty to enforce it with our guns, as your communist brethren and sisteren have acquiesced to the removal of our common law courts.
      And if you don’t like that, here is a secret for you, we don’t f-king need you.
      The phony numbers on the stupid box do not impress us. We are going to destroy every communist and every communist sympathizer. Now who the f-k are you?

  4. So are you one of the editors or one of the subscribers? I know exactly what we face. And I also know the Trump is the only choice under the circumstances. He may not be perfect. And I don’t really trust anybody completely. I don’t see how we can get out of this current situation without civil strife! If it were up to me, as soon as these traitors identify themselves, they would be shot on sight! I’m pretty sure I know as well as anyone here, at the very least, what we are facing! I am very well-informed and have been wading in this shit for over 30 years!

    1. ‘And I also know the Trump is the only choice under the circumstances. ‘
      well then, I guess you still don’t ‘get it’

      ‘ If it were up to me, as soon as these traitors identify themselves,……. ‘
      so after 30 years of ‘wading in this shit’ you are unable to identify a traitor? Have you ever heard of the Bill of Rights? If so do you KNOW the Supreme Law? That’s the barometer.

    2. The traitors HAVE identified themselves, Mary, yet you propose We the People support them? It’s the ILLUSION of choice and there’s a big difference. There IS a way out,and it DOESN’T involve US American Nationals killing each OTHER. Those violating the Bill of Rights AREN’T American Nationals and chump wants MIGA. He doesn’t give a shite about this country as he’s a raging kike-firster and America NEVER.

    3. “So are you one of the editors or one of the subscribers? ”

      All of us here are subscribers, and every one of us are editors Mary. All of us are free to write whatever we want. Our founder Henry, whom you’ve already met is pretty cool about that, as long as you can write in english, and go along with our ideals, you can basically write an article, turn it in, and it gets published. Everybody that has replied to your comment has been here for many years, one big happy family, very special place, very special people.

      Give it a go Mary! See if it floats your boat… Common Law, Bill of Rights, abolish the illegal as hell supreme court for starters..

      This isnt choir practice here, this is a hard ass web site

  5. I think this Mary has had a decent initiation to the Trenches!

    Mary, you first need to realize (assuming you never learned it in your 30 yrs research) that The USA Incorporated is in fact a foreign occupied corporation, it is using executive charismatic (and now outright communist ) to be installed as the CEO (meat puppet as so eloquently stated above, thank you Sunfire) to continue this charade.

    It is Masquerading as the people’s Government, which it cannot possibly be. Simple question, what is the supreme law of our American lands? Answer should be obvious, and if it is as we know, the bill of rights, then all other “Laws” in any form that violate our supreme law are null and void.

    I Assume you know this. What I’m getting at is, The vary act of voting in such a criminal enterprise such as this foreign corp, is an act of treason. If we do this we are acting as collaborators, now I know many don’t understand as of yet, and think this concept of voting is their only option, the best of the worst so to speak.

    I end with this; “How am I obligated to live under and follow what another person or persons version of freedom is for me”. Now, isn’t that what voting amounts to?

    Also, Welcome to the Trenches, it is where many end up, after Alex Jones and Michael “weiner” savage et al… All pied pipers. Henry is the real deal as are all the trenchers, you may have actually found your home and just not know it yet, give it time and listen to the archives.

    My own brother is still on the Trump Train, but I am slowly detoxing him from Tyranny.


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