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‘Mystery house’ in North Carolina contains useful secret

Fox 13 Now

RALEIGH, N.C. — The building on Wade Avenue looks like a house at first glance, but it isn’t, not really.

Upon closer examination passersby may note there is no driveway or mailbox and no path to the front door, which cannot be opened. The key holes are blocked.

So what’s behind the doors of the “home” on this North Carolina Street? See the YouTube video above for a look at what’s really inside 3215 Wade Avenue.

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One Response to ‘Mystery house’ in North Carolina contains useful secret

  1. George says:

    Nice story…..

    Did anyone else notice the chemtrails in the sky above the house?

    I see them everywhere, all the time.

    Maybe someday there will be a reward for, or a competition to taking out chemtrail planes….

    I’ll probably be dead by then.


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