N. Korea Threatens Strikes On US & South Korea, Again

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Once again, North Korea has threatened to annihilate the US and South Korea if the two countries follow through with a pre-emptive attack upon North Korea’s nuclear facilities. If South Korea and America choose to launch pre-emptive strikes against North Korea, N. Korea has announced that they will follow through with ‘ruthless pre-emptive strikes of annihilation’ upon South Korea and the US. The report below comes to us from International Business Times with an in depth video report on current US/Korea military issues also below.  

North Korea has threatened to launch strikes against its enemy South Korea and the US, to pre-empt an attack by the two countries on its nuclear facilities.

The threat follows an agreement between Seoul and Washington over the introduction of nuclear deterrents against Pyongyang.

Under the US-South Korea agreement, the two countries vowed to attack North Korea if there are indications it will use its nuclear weapons. The strategy is being dubbed as “customised deterrence”.

North Korea has denounced the agreement and said it will not hesitate to attack US and South Korean interests if they resort to “such military provocations”.

The North Korean spokesperson added: “If our enemies try to threaten us in the slightest, the country will launch ruthless pre-emptive strikes of annihilation.”


6 thoughts on “N. Korea Threatens Strikes On US & South Korea, Again

  1. They must have run out of the resources they
    extorted from the world …last time.
    We seem to go through this over and over again.

  2. I guess that is why Rodman went over there again. Dealing with North Korea is liking trying to swat that pesky little fly that comes backs at you just when you thought you killed it or it went away.

    Shoo…SHOO!! Go away!! It reminds me of that children’s song, “Shoo fly don’t bother me”.

    “Shoo fly, don’t bother me.
    Shoo fly, don’t bother me.
    Shoo fly, don’t bother me…Fly away to somebody.”

  3. What can we say, our treasonous government is desperate for an enemy?

    It’s either Syria and Iran or back to North Korea.

    When Syria and Iran are losing momentum, they switch to North Korea. When North Korea is losing momentum, they switch back over to their regularly scheduled program which was Syria and Iran. Typical.

    And if that doesn’t please you, they switch to looney tunes cartoons by showing Bennie Yahoo and his roadrunner/bomb sketch.

    Can someone please turn off the TV?

    1. I’m waiting for Lil Kim to show a drawing of a Looney Tunes, Roadrunner sketch of a nuke almost ready to take off for the U.S. lol

      That might garner some attention.

      It would be even funnier if it was signed and autographed and given to Rodman as a going away present. lol

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