National Park Service to use sharpshooters to kill deer in DC park

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WASHINGTON –  The National Park Service is ready to start using sharpshooters to kill deer in Washington’s Rock Creek Park.

The park service says it will begin killing deer Wednesday night. Sharpshooters will work in the overnight hours from late Wednesday through early Saturday morning.  

The effort to reduce the deer population in the park was delayed after an animal rights group filed a lawsuit to prevent the killings. A judge ruled in favor of the park service earlier this month.

The park service considered several options but ultimately decided the deer population needed to be reduced to protect plant and animal habitat. The park has more than 70 deer per square mile, and the plan is to reduce that number to no more than 20 per square mile.

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9 thoughts on “National Park Service to use sharpshooters to kill deer in DC park

  1. Are these civilian sharpshooters or military sharpshooters? Are they going to use approved weapons? Are the deer permitted to shoot back or are they expected to go to their demise peacefully? What if the deer run away?
    Is there any way we can reduce other populations in the region to only 20 per square mile to protect habitat and plan[e]t life?

    1. “Is there any way we can reduce other populations in the region to only 20 per square mile to protect habitat and plan[e]t life?”

      yes. The globalists are already working on it, and in case you didn’t get the news, you’re one of the many people they want to kill.

      There’s nothing wrong with the planet, or its ability to support life, even in the “overpopulated” state that it’s in. You’re being told that there are too many people and that the planet’s in trouble because the billionaires want everything for themselves. (wake up)

      1. JR, the other aspect of this (human) kill-off is that the “billionaires” organizing it are psychopaths, a new human genotype, and who they want to get rid of is us normals. This is a genetic war for the future of humanity. Choose humanity’s destiny: peace, love, and freedom; or, control, exploitation, and death.

  2. Naturally, all of that good venison will be wasted, because the last thing anyone in our government wants is to feed the hungry.

  3. I remember in the late 70’s when the California State Parks management of Angel Island in San Francisco Bay had a trap-and-relocate program for deer that they admitted was costing $50,000 per animal. No shooting program was even considered. If they were worried about stray bullets leaving the island in a dangerous manner, they still could have limited a public hunt to bow-only. A one-day-per-year bow hunt on the island, with the island closed for that one day to non-hunters, would have permanently solved the problem and earned money for the park instead of costing money. But bureaucrats never think that way.

  4. Sharpshooters vs. innocent deer?? Oooooo big, bad, powerful dudes or dudettes!!

    Last I read, we of the more intelligent(?) species were supposed to be the caretakers of the innocent (animals). Can’t the deer just be relocated to an area more safe and suitable for them??
    . . .

    1. Cathleen, as I mentioned in my earlier post, relocation schemes have been tried and found to be a good way for park managers to waste unlimited amounts of money but not a very good way to shift significant numbers of deer.

      I’m not sure if you live with deer or not; I do. Their normal breeding rate is, like all prey animals, geared to survive regular attrition through being eaten. If you take away their predators, they are screwed, quickly breeding their way right into starvation conditions of overpopulation.

      As I also alluded to in my earlier post, there is no reason for dealing with deer overrunning their carrying capacity to ever cost the taxpayers a dime. In fact money can be added to park revenue by scheduling a one-day-per-year park closure to the general public and allowing in bow hunters at $100 per. Bow hunters would jump at the chance.

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