NATO's Brutal War To Recolonize Libya Turned Streets Of Tripoli To Rivers Of Blood

“After five terror bombing months and counting, destroying Libya for wealth and power continues, each imperial nation playing its part in this sinister dirty game, masquerading as liberation.
NATO admitted what’s already known, that it’s been supplying fanatical cutthroats with automatic weapons, rocket launchers, assault rifles, anti-tank missiles, and have special forces on the ground to direct violent rebels for the slaughter missions.

For months, NATO’s Special Forces provided training, The Times saying “professional training centers” were used to do it. In fact, recruiting, funding, and arming rebels began well before bombing began. America’s war was planned many months, perhaps years earlier. Obama picked his moment to launch it.
Even obedient to NATO demands the International Criminal Court (ICC) is complicit, functioning as an imperial tool, not a legitimate tribunal. Its chief prosecutor Jose Luis Moren-Ocampo, in fact, targets victims, not criminal Washington, London and Paris conspirators, attacking a nonbelligerent country.

In May, Ocampo sought arrest warrants for Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and brother-in-law intelligence chief, Abdullah Al-Sanousi, on “charges of orchestrating systematic attacks against civilians (amounting) to crimes against humanity,” with no evidence whatever to prove it.

Then end of June he issued arrest warrants against all three on alleged crimes against humanity, saying reasonable grounds exist to believe they’re “criminally responsible as indirect perpetrators of civilian killings and repression” – again with no corroborating evidence or authority. Libya, in fact, isn’t an ICC member, nor are America, China, Russia and India, some nations, openly critical of how it operates with good reason.

Already in June 28 in Tripoli, Franklin Lamb reported about Libyan Ministry of Health (MOH) “Current Statistics of Civilian Victims of NATO Bombardments on Libya (3/19/11 – 6/27/11” he obtained. Libya’s Red Crescent Society, neighborhood civil defense workers, and Tripoli’s Nassar University researchers confirmed them.

They include:
— 6,121 killed or injured;
— among them were 3,093 men injured, another 668 killed; 1,318 women injured, another 260 killed; and 641 children injured, another 141 killed; and
— among those seriously hurt, 655 are still hospitalized, another 4,397 released for outpatient care.

NATO claims only military targets are struck, even though many are schools, a university, commercial sites, hospitals, ports, airports, and residential neighborhoods unrelated to military necessity.
On July 1, up to one million pro-Gaddafi Tripoli residents massed in Green Square to show country’s leader their support.

How come West decided to discredit and depose Gadhafi at a time when he has turned his back on terrorism? In fact, Gadhafi was the first world leader to condemn Al Qaeda as a terrorist group in the early part of the 2000s. Not only that, the Libyan leader has even adopted progressive or humanitarian policies in the domestic and international arenas such that he was even scheduled to receive a humanitarian award from no less than the Human Rights Council of the United Nations March of this year. He was to be cited for his human rights record, including his stand on women’s rights, his opposition to the more oppressive features of Islamic sharia law, and his record on religious and ethnic tolerance and social inclusion.

The UN Human Rights Council working group report released on January 4, 2011 virtually serves as a glowing praise of Qaddafi’s leadership in Human Rights. Additionally, it is worth noting that based on human development indicators, Libya Arab Jamarihiya has been many notches higher than the rest of the world, much more the Arab states.

NATO, of course, is code language for the Pentagon. Trusting it is like befriending a rattlesnake or shark, concerned only with devouring their next meal. NATO does it globally from 30,000 feet and ancillary tentacles everywhere, reigning “liberal interventionism” death and destruction to “protect civilians” by murdering them.

What do you call a war not called war? In mid-June, Obama did in 38 doublespeak pages sent Congress, using duplicitous reasoning to do what he damn pleases, law or no law, and whether or not congressional and/or popular approval backs him.

There are enough reasons why he should be impeached, removed, and tried for crimes of war and against humanity, as if more are needed with a litany already known.

Obama, the peace candidate, is even more belligerent than his predecessor.”


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  1. The proponents of The New World Order proceed with their plan for World domination,enslavement and genocide. Here’s a link that will truthfully help explain who these sociopaths are.Pass it Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined We need to get our troops inside our borders now ,under the confines of the Constitution and the authority of a constitutional congress.For those of you wise enough to listen ,you know it is also your duty to your family and your Nation to get this message out.Thank you.

      1. Apparently the NWO crowd’s message is being missed by many;

        It is obviously only “humane” to swiftly kill and therefore remove millions from the coming reality they have planned for humanity.

        What kindness they are showing! I just can’t understand why the masses continue with this inexplicable and futile desire to continue living their mundane, lower class, meaningless existence.

        Are these divine beings not merciful in their godly wisdom as they move brilliantly toward mass genocide? After all…who could possibly want to live without at least 12 fifteen thousand square foot mansions, 3 yachts, and a bare minimum of three private luxury aircraft?

        How ever do the masses consider such a life worth living?

        Sharpen it.

          1. Thank you, Clark. I don’t mean to make light of a grave reality. I sometimes simply can only deal with it through sarcasm. The level of absurdity has reached such epic proportion that, for me at least, it is impossible to comment on otherwise. I grow continually more incredulously aghast at what I am witnessing.

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