Natural News Labs tests 12 popular water filters for removal of heavy metals, arsenic, uranium and cesium

waterNatural News – by Mike Adams

In just a few days, Natural News will be exclusively announcing the results of unprecedented laboratory testing of water filters — the kind of testing which has never been done before on off-the-shelf filters.

The tests I’ve conducted in the Natural News Forensic Food Lab determine the ability of water filters to remove not only toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury, but also to remove uranium, strontium and cesium isotopes — elements of special importance in a nuclear accident (such as Fukushima) or nuclear war.  

Shocking test results reveal most water filters don’t work very well

The test results, to be released soon at Natural News, are truly shocking. They reveal that most water filters don’t remove most heavy metals. Most filters failed miserably in this test, leaving the drinking water heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals (if it was heavily contaminated to begin with, of course).

One very popular water filter sold at Wal-Mart only removed about 15% of the lead in contaminated water, leaving 85% of the lead in the “filtered” water for drinking. (That same filter also failed to remove around 25% of the mercury in the water!)

But there’s also good news: We documented one countertop water filter — a gravity-fed pitcher — which is so much better than everything else that there’s no comparison. This countertop filter removed almost everything: lead, cadmium, mercury, uranium, arsenic, etc. We will reveal the brand name of that filter here on Natural News. 

You’ll want to tune in every day to check this news because once we announce the brand of this water filter, it will likely sell out everywhere as people rush to stock up on them.

Gravity “survival” water filters also tested

We’ve also completed performance testing on all the popular gravity survival filters including Big Berkey, Pro Pur, Doulton and others. Some of these results are very surprising, too, but there’s ONE clear winner in all this, and we’ll be announcing that in a second article to be published later.

All these water filters, by the way, were purchased off the shelf at or local retailers. All the filters were tested using the same laboratory protocol and ICP-MS instrumentation, all on the same day. Actual ppb results will be publicly posted, and we openly invite other labs to conduct these same tests and validate these results.

Note: We did NOT test “pump-action” water filters typically used by campers and survivalists. We might do that at a later date, however.

Stay tuned to Natural News for the full lab results soon.

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5 thoughts on “Natural News Labs tests 12 popular water filters for removal of heavy metals, arsenic, uranium and cesium

  1. The Berkey black carbon filters aren’t effective enough; they will clog if you attempt to filter water which contains pond or river silt, and they won’t be washable. This was confirmed during the 1993 Mississippi flood.

    You want the Doulton white ceramic filters. However, there is the standard ceramic filters which remove most chemicals and heavy metals, another special ceramic filter specifically for removing arsenic, and a funnel-screened dry compound filter that is used for removing uranium. Therefore, in order to remove ALL contaminants, you will need to filter water through a 3-stage process (preferably using three different Doulton filter systems).

    I originally bought the Berkey stainless steel canister but switched to the Doulton ceramic filters… which mounted the same way as the Berkey carbon filters. The 9″ Doulton ceramic filters are washable, and the set of two filters lasts me approximately 1-year. I have a well (not utility water), and have the water lab tested at least every 5-years. Fortunately we don’t have fracking in my region yet… but it’s only a matter of time (on the East Coast) before we will have to contend with radiation fallout from Japan.

  2. If you already have the answer why are you not posting it? That is like having the weather man ask you in a commercial if it is going to rain today, stay tuned to find out. Screw that crap, keep the news to yourself and stop playing games with people.

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