Nature’s Most Wicked-Looking Robot, the Bacteriophage

Nature's Most Wicked-Looking Robot, the BacteriophageGizmodo – by Mark Wilson

I can’t lie; I’ve been waiting for an excuse to post a picture of a bacteriophage*, the microscopic spider virus that lands on bacteria to inject its own DNA, for a long time. This Cyborg Life gives me an excuse.

Rather than attacking typical plant or animal cells, the bacteriophage uses bacteria as its host for replication. Highly specialized, the bacteriophage lands on a specific part of a specific bacteria, and just like a syringe with legs, injects its genetic material (which is stored in that big bulb on top).  

It only takes minutes for viral mRNA to convince bacterial ribosomes to makes its own proteins, transforming the bacteria into a virus factory that, in some circumstances, will literally burst with its own product.

For those who believe that a benevolent supreme being created life, it would be only natural to believe that the bacteriophage was spawned from a equally powerful source of evil.

Of course, Man has long reimagined the bacteriophage as a tool for everything from antibiotic alternatives (see what’s called phage therapy, a century old idea) to FDA-approved food sprays. While it’s easy to consider nanobots as the future of Man’s biological domination, sometimes using the machines that nature has already left lying around is the better bet.

Especially when they’re this badass.

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10 thoughts on “Nature’s Most Wicked-Looking Robot, the Bacteriophage

  1. Good Post, Wade. Scientists had been attempting to use nanobots to do surgery with autonomous, non-intrusive methods: E.g. to remove clots in arteries and remove inoperative tumors. This is the first time I’ve heard about artificial bio-organisms that alter DNA.

    It appears that technology was much farther ahead, and has surpassed AI-mechanized, with AI-biological (creation of intelligent, biological lifeforms). I am presuming this article is legit because I didn’t see any mention of “The Onion”.

    I’m SURE the military industrial complex will have NO reason to subvert this bacteriophage program for Defensive/Offensive purposes. Although, if the general public is just seeing this now, tells me that the USA alphabet agencies have already had this technology for years. A perfect pathogen to release in a Chemtrail?

    1. Thanks guest for your alertness!!

      I, like you, always try to backtrack to the original source. Sometimes I miss though. 🙁 Laura is good at watching my back. 🙂
      . . .

  2. This one had the video where as the jim stone article did not.However i encourage people to read the Stone write up, for if this shit is real we are in for Hell on Earth.

    1. Good choice Wade. Thanks for posting this article with the video. Hope you didn’t think I was pickin’ on you.
      . . .

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