Navy Releases Traitor McCain’s Service Records – by Jim Kirwan

This, of course, is the son of Navy Admiral ‘McCain’ who was in charge of the U.S. Fleet during the 1967 Israeli war in the Middle East…the Admiral who REFUSED to allow the USS Liberty to be rescued by US FIGHTER JETS while Israeli planes were still attacking that ship and her heroic crewmen.

Like father, like son – both of these ‘McCains’ were, and still are, traitors to the United States and to the US Constitution.  Neither ‘man’ has ever been punished for what they did while wearing U.S. uniforms…  

While a captive of the North Vietnamese, John McCain lived like a king. He was treated to female companionship, the best food, etc, because he was passing on top-secret information about the U.S. Fleet to the ‘Enemy’ which was why he was treated so well.   Meanwhile, his fellow captured officers and enlisted men were confined to tiger-cages, were tortured and some were murdered.

And then ‘hero’ Johnny-boy came home and ran for Congress while keeping his entire military file from the public…who would have had him arrested instead of electing him to public office.  If only Americans had the right to know about the real creature McCain and his dark and dirty military career.

Johnny-boy actually only flew for the Navy 33 times.  He crashed FIVE (5) aircraft and ended his career when he was shot down over Vietnam where he then began to trade information for luxury treatment in the Hanoi Hilton.

By doing what Trump just did, McCain will be re-elected and thereby he will remain PROTECTED, YET AGAIN, FROM ANY CONSEQUENCES FOR HIS TRAITOROUS ACTIONS.

Navy Releases McCain’s Records – Click Here

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3 thoughts on “Navy Releases Traitor McCain’s Service Records

  1. Didn’t this senile old fool also start the fire on the Forrestal by “wet – starting” his jet engines like the idiot he is? This drooling moron has probably killed more American service men than most of our enemies

  2. “the Admiral who REFUSED to allow the USS Liberty to be rescued by US FIGHTER JETS while Israeli planes were still attacking that ship and her heroic crewmen.”

    We now KNOW that it was israeli planes. At that moment officially no one knew outside the Liberty crew………. And they were trying to kill them all… No first hand witnesses, that could state that the enemy was not the one destroyed.

    Officially that was the information daddy had to make the decision on to sacrifice the Liberty and its crew and enter the war on israeli side.. Unquestioned. And Justifyable to the population, who would serve another round of cannon fodder, ready to die in a war for israel.

    So that statement should read:

    While unknown attackers where attacking the USS Liberty…. Most probably Egypt since israel was our most beloved friend in the middle east we just can’t live without, it HAD to be attacked by the demons (As we are told!) from Egypt, not our beloved and worshipped israel and population of eternal victims…

    HE KNEW the attack was by israel, before it even happened, as a force of hand, false flag to get the US into that war and attacking Egypt.

    Rinse, Rinse, Repeat.

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