Sen. John McCain wins Arizona primary


In what may be Senator John McCain’s toughest political battle yet, a former state senator Kelli Ward challenged him in Arizona’s primary Tuesday.

With less than 1 percent of precincts reporting, the Associated Press declared John McCain the winner with 55.2 percent, compared to Kelli Ward’s 35 percent. McCain is now one step closer to his sixth term in the US Senate.  

McCain, who was the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, faces a conservative challenger in Kelli Ward, a former state senator who has the support of Donald Trump, the current GOP presidential pick. Trump and McCain have long butted heads, and Ward has been able to paint McCain as an establishment candidate.

The Arizona senator turned 80 on Monday, while Ward is only 47. The winner will battle Democratic Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, whose campaign coffers are full as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has closed the gap in the traditionally deep red state.

“Trump and Clinton are essentially running even in Arizona,” McCain pollster Bill McInturff told the Washington Post on Monday.

6 thoughts on “Sen. John McCain wins Arizona primary

  1. What a fkng joke.
    If you ever go to Sedona AZ.
    Then talk to some of the locals.
    You’ll find out how much beautiful land that cksucker has stolen with your tax dollars.
    That punk azz treasonous btch.
    Here is an American prayer….
    Please God…kill him.

  2. Here we go again….less than 1% of the vote in and they’re calling it! Which is code for “We’ve stolen this one too and we’re gonna just tell you what we’ve decided. And you can all go suck eggs!”

  3. So McCain, Wasserman and Rubio all win their primaries. Hillary can just sit in her rocking chair, not talk or debate and let the crooked system hand her the WH. If she wins, we will know it’s over and the system is totally rigged and corrupted.

  4. How the HELL is this asshole still running for office and winning? NO ONE wants him even in his own state. Talk about blatantly rigged.

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