NBC Refuses To Speak Ill of Communism, Despite Millions Killed

communismThe Last Resistance – by Frank Camp

Communism is the exploitation of the strong by the weak. In Communism, inequality comes from placing mediocrity on a level with excellence.” – Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Communism is the death of nations. Moreover, it is the process by which nations rot from the inside out, becoming nothing more than an outer layer, filled with disease. It’s central conceit—which is equality—is undermined by its own philosophy. By ginning up the desire for equality—at least in terms of economic equality, which is the main goal of communism–one creates a hostile nation in which numerous factions are pitted against one another. The rich are vilified, and the poor are placed on a pedestal. The poor are taught to resent the rich, not because the rich have done anything treacherous, but simply because of their success.  

To those running the game, the rich could never have acquired their wealth without resorting to corrupt practices. Actually, that’s just what they tell their acolytes. The higher ups within the communist organizations know very well what they are doing. Additionally, they place equal value in all occupations. To a communist, work is work, and every job deserves the same recognition and salary. In that lies communism’s central problem. In a world in which everyone gives all their money to the government, and are then taken care of by the government, there is no incentive to achieve. If a fast-food employee earns just as much as a rocket scientist, why work any harder than one has to? Communism is a disease which has a counterpart in laziness, and greed.

Why am I lecturing about communism? Because the American Democrat Party is populated with wannabe communists. Case in point, during NBC’s broadcast of the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony, while hammers and cycles floated through the arena, the following was said:

Russia transcends. Through every stage of its story, it’s resisted any notion of limitation. Through every reinvention, only redoubling its effort to cast the towering presence. The empire that ascended to affirm a colossal footprint. The revolution that birthed one of modern history’s pivotal experiments.”

One of modern history’s pivotal experiments. This is, of course, and experiment that cost millions of lives. But whatever. It’s not like it matters. Oh wait, it certainly does. NBC’s refusal to call communism what it is–a dictator’s wet dream–is a very telling moment. It’s a small example of belief hindering speech. When one believes in something strongly enough, it becomes very difficult to disparage it in front of others. What some may call deference to the Sochi host country is actually something much deeper. It’s a seed representing a hidden belief system.

The Left’s ultimate goal is a communist utopia. One in which a few elites have power, and the rest of the country is in shambles. Average, every day liberals may actually believe in such a utopia–they may see it as a dream that has only failed because it hasn’t been implemented correctly. But the elites know exactly what it means: power, money, and control. Those elites are in bed with the media, and many in the media share the same values as those elites. This relationship drives our modern media. It is this relationship—which is based on a shared love of a potential communist utopia—that keeps them from disparaging communism publicly.

“A pivotal experiment” is the Left’s definition of a philosophy that breeds greed, and kills millions. They want it. They crave it, and they believe it is achievable, if only they do it right. They will not talk trash about their own philosophy, even if it has often been the very definition of evil.
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  1. “Free” trade and mass immigration are the chief battering rams of the communist New World Order against the nation-state.

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