4 thoughts on “Communism #17

  1. They seem to be touting that party line just fine and doing a good job! Well these commies are good, years after they make a statement, then it happens. Satan is so good at being patient. Public School is nothing but government indoctrination camps. I have raised 3 children, 2 in public school, I Love them dearly, but they spew the indoctrination so boldly. I am finally getting a tinge of my oldest, 24, to see the light, but then her indoctrinated friends turn her, it is an on going battle. My 22 year old, I hate to say it, may be a lost cause, he comes around strong, but when he falls, again strong, and it takes acts of God to make him see the light of day. My third child, homeschooled since the middle of 5th grade. Well she knows everything about what is going on, and lately has schooled me a time or two. She can watch the news, and call B.S. She is bar none twenty years mentally ahead of her older siblings. I just thank God in heaven we were able to homeschool, best decision ever.

  2. I think it is never too late to undo the indoctrination. I am a prime example of that. Is it fun to wake up and see how you’ve been betrayed all your life? Is it fun to lose many friendships that you no longer resonate with? No!!!!

    But it’s all for the best, in the end. Once you see Truth, really see it, you have a responsibility to act in the service of it (one way of putting it). And… I would say there are certain advantages to having lived a life of indoctrinated blindness and then waking up. Makes you strong and formidable in a certain way. 😉

    So I hear you on how heartbreaking it is to think that maybe you will have to “write off” one of your family members as hopelessly lost forever, but God works in mysterious ways and you never know. I think “they” want you to think that it is impossible to plant seeds of Truth in an indoctrinated person (adult) and have them grow. So I would say — never give up, don’t stop trying, have faith, don’t buy their lies and BS. We are MORE THAN THAT. Way more. Giving up is exactly what they want you to do…

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