Nearly Half Of Eligible Voters Did Not Vote. At All.

The Daily Sheeple – by Ryan Banister

Nearly half of all eligible voters did not vote, according to The United States Election Project. Out of 231,556,622 in the Voting-Eligible Population (VEP), there were only 131,018,000 ballots counted.

When compared with the 2008 and 2012 elections, we see almost 9 million less people voting in 2016:  

If you count minors and mentally handicapped people, a majority of people in this country effectively voted for no president. If there were anything remotely democratic about this system, we should not see anypresident elected at all.

Of course, this begs the question, what could possibly grant a person the so-called right to rule others?

Can a majority create the right to rule others? Or is it that the right to rule is something that is reserved for a certain class of people, such as the political ruling class that exists here in the US?


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Contributed by Ryan Banister of The Daily Sheeple.

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6 thoughts on “Nearly Half Of Eligible Voters Did Not Vote. At All.

  1. It is very typical for the winner to get only 25% of the vote.
    How is that Constitution working for yea all?
    The Articles of Confederation required 100% approval of a measure for it to pass. What we have is really a tyranny of the minority. See the Youtube by Larken Rose called the “The Tiny Dot” for a goo explanation.

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