3 thoughts on “Netanyahu, Gantz Meet with Senior Advisor Jared Kushner

  1. Shocked! joo mnuchin AND nuttyahoo unanimously agree Iran is the big threat to peace in the Middle East!

    In other breaking news, the narrator of the video has had the holes in his voice box patched to eliminate the hissing in his faggity lisp.

  2. I wonder if Netanyahu jerked off and came all over Jared’s sheets? All while thinking of “Money and Power”?
    All those years ago when he visited Jared’s parent’s house. He told Jared. Go forth and seduce, marry and impregnate Trump’s daughter. For the good of the Tribe. Seriously. That’s how the Tribe thinks and operates.
    Maybe Jared found true love with Trump’s daughter…and they will live happily ever after. I doubt it.

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