Netanyahu Rushed Off Campaign Stage In Southern Israel As Hamas Rockets Rain Down

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was at a campaign event in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod Tuesday when Hamas rockets were fired on the city.

Early reports said at least 5 Hamas rockets triggered inbound warning sirens in Ashkelon and Ashdod just as the prime minister was on a campaign tour through the region.   

There are reports that at least two interceptions were made by the Iron Dome anti-air defense system.

Former Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman was also reported to be in the south at the time of the attack, which was possibly timed as both campaigned ahead of a key September 17 election to form a new government.

At the time of the rocket attack, dramatic video captured Netanyahu being rushed out of a building in Ashdod by his security staff.

It’s expected that Israel’s Air Force will retaliate on Gaza significantly tonight, with reports that Hamas has already evacuated their posts in anticipation.

8 thoughts on “Netanyahu Rushed Off Campaign Stage In Southern Israel As Hamas Rockets Rain Down

  1. Oh, the drama! Quick, protect this upstanding, benevolent man; wouldn’t want anything to happen to him.

    Palestinian’s, take cover tonight. You poor souls having to be neighbors with these MONSTERS.

    1. I can’t believe in karma when a monster like Bibi is still sucking air. Tomorrow will be 9/11. Strange timing when you realize he was one of the main master minds behind the controlled demolition of the twin towers.

  2. Jews are the master’s of false flagging. Isn’t the mossad slogan war by deception. “both were intercepted by the Iron Dome” I bet they were. Imagine the horrors the palestinians have to endure from these people. Zero Hedge is nothing but another jew controlled outlet like Drudge.

  3. But is Erica going to divorce her husband for fabio or whatever his name was?

    Inquiring minds give a f!ck.

    Too bad they missed. Again.

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