Nevada Bundy Ranch Extermination Is All About water & Mining resorces of the land

Before It’s News – by Bigs

I knew something was wrong when I was following this story more then usual till things started popping up that really set off a light bulb.  Few days ago the Nevada Bundy Ranch story started really picking up but the real story started way back in 1993 when Bundy stopped paying grazing fees.  His ancestors worked the land back in 1880′s.  The reality is that land has been grandfathered threw the generations.    

There are many things that bothered me when I started uncovering the story and the one thing is why are the feds just surrounding the property and not actually doing anything IE no warrant nothing not even arresting the family.  Thats because they really don’t have that power and they are nothing more then highered mercenaries.  Highered cowboys taking the cattle off the land has all new equipment and looking at the images of there trucks and trailers they look like they costed a pretty penny.  it is estimated that it will cost the state $3,000,000 to round up the cows on the land.  As soon as the cattle come off the land they are immediately sent to the auction.  this to me says they do this because they want to make the legal system long and complicated if for some reasons the cattle ranchers do get there cows back they won’t be able too and the shear amount of legal cost would be insane to fight to get those cows back.  Its a common tactic to use the legal system to drown the opponent well before any real chance of a positive veridic can come on the side of the victim.
The other issue that really bothered me was this message that was spreading around the internet out in the open.

“Nevada militia has officially broadcasted mutual aid request for Oathkeepers and militia. contact This is not a drill.”

This message was later found to be a COINTELPRO.
fake e-mail targeting militia Bundy Ranch

fake e-mail targetting militia #BundyRanch by Masterofmanythings

Several things did not feel right about the message like the fact that it was using a gmail account and that the message said “Official.”  So lot of red flags their.  

This video is what really caused me to raise my eyebrows.

BREAKING: Feds prep for Waco style raid of Bundy Ranch 

the person being interviewed some things that cause my light bulb to go off and that was mention about Oil.   the other part is that the whole reason behind taking the cattle off the land is because of the endangered deseret tortoise.  Now before you go and say you want to save the animals and protecting the earth I want to point out that BLM has plans to extermintat half of the “endangered deseret tortoise” they are so eger to protect.

Before Nevada Cattle Rancher Standoff, BLM Killed Hundreds of Endangered Desert Tortoises

Before Nevada Cattle Rancher Standoff, BLM Killed Off Hundreds of Endangered Tortoises

My thinking is they did this for two reasons first I think they needed to put blame on the Bundy ranch for hurting the poor defenseless “endangered dessert tortoise.” second reason is they needed to kill them off so that when big oil comes in they wont be bothered by extreme environmentalist when they start fracking for oil as BLM has already sold 29 oil, gas leases in northeast Nevada.

The reality is these “endangered dessert tortoise” have lived for thousands of years next to other hoofed animals such as the buffalo and dear.  so why is a cow any different.  Cows are generally very good to neighboring animals.  obviously over grazing can cause issues but the Bundy Ranch is aware of the local environment and not to mention the land is huge in a vast 1,200-square-mile area of rangeland.  that means each of the “900 trespassing cattle” had over 1.3 miles of land for each cow to graze.  thats insane. and the BLM is saying that these cows are endangering the dessert tortoise?  This is so beyond crazy its not even funny.

Bakersfield is one of the largest oil producers in the world.  I bring up Bakersfield because the town has an eery sight of oil pumps stretching as far as the eye could see.  The new oil industry fad is fracking. Fracking  has opened a whole new door for oil production and can be used all over the united states and even the world regardless of the location and geological environment.  fracking  is a process by which drilling is done and water along with a slect bit of chemicals are added to the ground to raise the oil out of the ground to the surface. fracking  has caused a lot of controversy over the years because of its known environmental issues such as leaving the ground contaminated, Lack of care taken for environmental safety extracting the oil, earthquakes, deadly chemicals, and so on.  This is what Nevada and the bundy ranch will look like if big oil takes over.

This is not an exaggeration when I say ALL of the united states will look like this.  So those of you who think this is not going to effect you then your wrong because what is happening is people in power are going to try to corral all the population in to big cities and kill off farms and meat growers.  This paves way for apocalyptic style scenarios and this is not an exaggeration.  All of the water will be contaminated, all the land will be contaminated for farming and the United States as we know it will turn in to one gigantic waist land with bad soil and water.  Everything will become a kind of “Hunger Games” scenarios.  While I don’t like to bring out the agenda 21 card this really is what agenda 21 is all about.

By influencing the majority of the population to crowed the cities the government and corporations can do what ever it wants with vast amounts of land and the people won’t be able to do a damn thing about it.  This is how a bag of gold won’t be able to buy a loaf of bread.  I fear very much for the country and this event is just a small start of whats about to take place.  The people who are bought off by these people in power will find that there children and there children won’t have enough to eat or drink and the only way to get food is to become a slave to what ever system they tell you to accept.  So ask your self is this a future you want?  because the figure is closer then people think.  so by giving up your Guns and “High composite magazines,” land, children, what have you then the only people we will have to blame is our selves for not caring enough.  But hay “Jersey Shore” is cool right.

Story Update:  Militia Arrives at Bundy Ranch. Land is designated to be used for weapons grade mining resources.  the land has a lot of water resources and next to the i15.  I do however believe that there is a lot of connections with big oil at this point as well as shown above.  Governors of the state have spoken out about the issue and consider the actions of the BLM to be unconstitutional.  Also BLM said that if they see more protest like they saw that previously they will escalate with more force and violence.


Nevada officials blast feds over treatment of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy

Before Nevada Cattle Rancher Standoff, BLM Killed Hundreds of Endangered Desert Tortoises 

Before Nevada Cattle Rancher Standoff, BLM Killed Off Hundreds of Endangered Tortoises

Pete Santilli: Martial Law At Bundy Ranch(video)

Pete Santilli: Martial Law At Bundy Ranch(video)

BLM sells 29 oil, gas leases in northeast Nevada


10 thoughts on “Nevada Bundy Ranch Extermination Is All About water & Mining resorces of the land

  1. Like I said earlier the government wants these cattle gone because they want to do the following:

    1. Expand Cortez gold mining. Which includes expanding water usage.
    2. Expanding Yucca mountain nuclear waste storage
    3. Giving land for oil/gas companies to drill and providing the water needed to drill.

    You want the answer to anything follow the money and you’ll find the answer. I knew before any articles came out.

    Watch the documentary “American Outrage” the BOM has been doing this for awhile.

  2. Much too important an issue to be looking to “beforeitsnews” for info.

    And this author (Bigs) is a piece of work, too. I’m used to bad grammar and punctuation, but “Highered cowboys?” and “threw the generations”?

    Is crazy spelling some kind of new fad with the kids? That would be hard to do by accident.

    1. Hey, JR – I was thinking the same thing – wondering where these guys come up with the phonetic spelling variations.

      I don’t want anyone to accuse me of being a spelling Nazi – but it does have its effects on the perception, one may take, of the author – no different than how one speaks.

          1. Just for the record. That would be Common Core Ebonics. If you don’t use the Common Core Ibonics. LOL

  3. I saw this article posted on a friend’s FB page. I thought it would be something I could repost on my FB page to try to inform my not-so-informed FB friends. However I was so distracted by all the spelling errors that I couldn’t get half way through it before I threw up my hands in disgust. My FB friends may be uninformed, but they’re not stupid, and they would dismiss this article and everything in it in less time than I did. It is important how we present ourselves if we want to be taken seriously and heard. For all I know the info in this article may be spot on, but most people will never know it because the writer gives the impression that he’s an idiot. I highly suggest that you get someone to edit your material before publishing it. It’s a shame that “Before It’s News” and others who ran this didn’t ask you to clean it up, because it reflects on them also. Please know that I do not mean to be insulting–quite the contrary. If you have something worth saying, it is to your advantage to make the effort to do a good job.

    1. If your friends are so ignorant that they will ignore a point due to a percieved lack of education than your friends are elitist assholes. Grammer has nothing to do with making a point.

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