3 thoughts on “New American Daily | Globalists Say New World Order Ends if Russia Wins

  1. Oh these talking heads. Watched as much as I could endure. Statist, partisan, war-mongering, fear-porn B.S, with a big plug for “Democracy.” And Yuval talkin’ about “the end of the global order as we have known it.” Doesn’t he mean “The end of global jewish tyranny? He says: “The basic idea of conservatism is to conserve. To conserve institutions. To conserve traditions.” I guess he wants things to continue as usual. Slaughter and slavery, with just a tiny percentage owning the lion’s share.

    And what’s that @ 11:00? A little Trumpie commercial? Got me curious so I called The New American number on the screen to “shop” and see what that vid was about? A gentleman’s voice answered: “Hello, and thank you for calling The John Birch Society.” Holy smoke, thought I, The New American is John Birch. I calmly asked if the vid Trump World was for or against Trump. Voice explained that it was mostly pro-Trump. He couldn’t remember if it included some of the things they disagreed with. I said that it should have included all the things he did wrong, but thank you very much, you answered my question.

    When oh when, will The Bill of Rights put an end to all this cruel nonsense? Oh yeah, when WE make it so.


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