“Why, after the mRNA vax was shown not to stop transmission, did governments continue to push it on their populations?”

By The Vigilant Fox

It wasn’t about health, and it wasn’t about money, says Dr. Michael Nehls.

It was about “conquering the human mind.”

“And it’s even worse than that [undermining the ability to think],” he continued.

“So, if you shut down this production [of new nerve cells] and force the hippocampus to memorize all these different stories, these fear-mongering narratives, then these narratives will enter the brain. They will be memorized in the hippocampus, but for a cost: they will override pre-existing memories.”

“So what happens,” said Nehls, “is you override with the narratives, with the fear narratives, with the technocratic narratives, you override your pre-existing memories, your individuality, or your personality, and change it.”

“If intentional, this would be the most evil thing ever done,” replied Carlson.

“Absolutely,” agreed Nehls.

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