7 thoughts on “New Cell Phone App Shows Illegal Immigrants Best Route To Enter United States Undetected!

  1. Once again, TREASON!!!

    Any hackers out there who know how to manipulate cell phone apps that create detours that are U-turns?


    1. Galen,

      All they would need for that misdirection is to use almost any older gps (old maps)that take people into lakes or off the road.

      When I first heard about the waze app used for driving I said to myself
      “When is someone going to figure out how to apply all the data of where the police are located so they can rob banks?”
      As of right now showing where police are driving is not a feature on the app only where they may be sitting waiting for other drivers.

      This app above is almost in that direction and can be a tool used if and when needed. Its about using a crowd source for the data you are wanting or needing.
      Of course sneaking across the border is a big no no in the first place and I am not talking about robbing banks either.
      Don’t go rob banks lol the people inside get really scared especially if the gun you have might be a black rifle. 😉

      1. Thanks, Mark. Yeah, technology should serve us, not make us its subjects. Anything to stop this seemingly endless invasion, anything.


  2. Actually, the “best” way to enter the US from Mexico is through the unpopulated Big Bend region in my neck of the woods…”unpopulated” by people, and Border Control as well, but populated by mountain lions, bears, wolves, foxes, javelinas, wild hogs, buzzards…

  3. And I’m sure the border patrol will not even use this to catch the illegals. And if they do, they’ll just let them in anyways.

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