New Ford car automatically obeys speed limits

So whats sford speed limit render topping someone from putting up a small picture in front of the camera to make the speed limit 150mph or higher.

Now go turn the system back to normal and be sure to erase the black box data prior to the trail. But Judge, my car has the new Ford speed limiter so I could not have been speeding.

CNN – by Aaron Smith

Ford (F) says that the newest edition of its S-Max car has “a new technology that scans traffic signs and adjusts the throttle to help drivers stay within legal speed limits and avoid fines.”  

The new system, called the intelligent speed limiter, was unveiled by Ford of Europe in Germany on Tuesday. But Ford’s European division said the technology will be available worldwide.

The S-Max can read signs with its traffic sign recognition system and adjusts for speed accordingly. And it doesn’t need to pull down the brake to slow down the car.

“The system does not apply the brakes but smoothly controls engine torque by electronically adjusting the amount of fuel delivered,” the company said in a press release.

But the fun isn’t completely over for speedsters.

“Drivers can temporarily override the system by pressing firmly on the accelerator,” said Ford.

The technology seems to be a step in the direction of the driverless car, also known as an autonomous car. While these cars have yet to hit the market, Audi unveiled one last year that reached 140 miles per hour with no driver at the wheel.

Google (GOOGL, Tech30) and Nokia (NOK) have also been experimenting with driverless cars. Google’s electric-powered LUTZ Pathfinder started rolling through London last month at a not-so-brisk 12 miles per hour, and the company plans to expand tests later this week.

Auto parts company Delphi has a driverless car, an Audi SQ5, that is currently driving cross-country. The car, which has several passengers, started on Sunday.

10 thoughts on “New Ford car automatically obeys speed limits

  1. Nice going Ford
    As if your sales haven’t slumped enough
    Who’s going to buy this? Oh I forgot
    Sheeple will buy

  2. And of course it will be standard and there’s no way to opt out of it like everything else these days in this Commie country we now live in.

  3. In other news, New Ford car “accidentally” accelaretes and violently crashes into tree, killing all occupants. Story at 11.

  4. And I’m sure the car insurance companies are working with Ford and giving the drivers a nice added discount on their premiums if they buy this vehicle due to this new safety feature. 😉

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