New Orleans Mother’s Day parade shooting (Shooter Bottom Left of Screen)

Published on May 13, 2013 by ThePiRaTeCoPy404

Almost two dozen people including two 10-year-old children have been injured after as many as three gunmen opened fire at a ‘second line’ of a parade on Mother’s Day in New Orleans. Three people remain in critical condition following the shootout.

Up to 400 people were participating in the neighborhood festival on Frenchmen Street, situated in the east of the city, when several shots were fired. The incident occurred around 2pm local time (19:00 GMT) on Sunday.

“We have mothers, sisters, little children who were shot,” New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told local press.

Nine people were immediately taken to University Hospital by emergency responders, eight of whom were suffering from gunshot wounds, according to local channel WWLTV. One more being treated was injured in an attempt to escape from the shooting.

A New Orleans doctor confirmed to reporters that he has had to treat ‘severe injuries’ including wounds to the chest and abdomen.

Further victims were taken to different hospitals in the region.

The majority of the injuries are not considered life-threatening, and no fatalities have been confirmed, but three are reportedly in a critical condition.

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3 thoughts on “New Orleans Mother’s Day parade shooting (Shooter Bottom Left of Screen)

  1. I Found A Comment on the Thread Interesting, Quote : ” Mayor Mitch Landrieu is a big supporter of gun control and is a buddy of Mayor Bloomberg. How convenient for his agenda that his City had a camera ready, and a suspect standing directly in front of it, during this Mother’s Day incident. “

  2. Wow, this is worse than a beginner college course on basic video. It looks more like a prank by someone using a toy gun to scare a group of people by waving it around frantically and then saying, “Haha! Just kidding. I fooled you. April Fools!”

    It’s like someone saying, “Ok, are you filming me? Good. Now watch me as I pull this prank off. Ready? Here I go….”

    If he was supposed to be hiding or doing it without anyone noticing, he failed miserably. I have no idea what the point of it was for him to do this or what he was trying to accomplish.

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