New Spam Attack on From the Trenches

The pathetic treasonous scumbags who do not want the truth being told are now trying to shut this site down by burying us with spam comments.  We have spam filters that take care of the robotic attacks, but this new spam is coming from a different IP number with each individual fake comment.

We have had to delete over 500 spam comments since yesterday morning and the pace was picking up.

We have installed a new spam screen to deal with the problem, however we need to know that all legitimate comments are getting through.  If your comment is legitimate and does not make it through, email the site and let us know.

I’m plenty pissed about this, but then again it goes to show that we are hurting them and they are growing more desperate as these spam comments have to be entered by human beings in order to answer the math question.  I guess somebody’s got a job……in China or India.

0 thoughts on “New Spam Attack on From the Trenches

  1. Well, like you said, on the positive side it shows that you’re getting through to them and seen as a force. On the other hand, what a pain in the arse! Keep up the good work y’all. We will never surrender.

    1. Can’t believe how great of a job you’ve done at keeping these clowns in check Henry. I’m just trying to figure how many you’ve had to block since inception of the site. Probably thousands, lot’s of ignorant fools out there.

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