New York Reinstates “Mask Advisory” As “6th Wave” Hits The Fully Vaccinated City

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

Even though 87.9% of New Yorkers over the age of 18 have been “fully vaccinated” the 6th wave of COVID is allegedly spreading through the city. It’s so bad, that the rulers of New York are reinstating the “mask advisory” and demanding people wear masks indoors to protect themselves from getting a disease the vast majority of the city has already been vaccinated against.

According to mainstream media reports, the “worst” COVID variant is spreading through the fully vaccinated population of New York. The BA.5 subvariant appears to escape immunity and transmit more easily, leading some to call it the “worst version” of omicron yet and a recent study on severe outcome risk from reinfection raises fresh alarm bells, reported NBC New York.

Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island have all been in the CDC high-risk category for the latter half of May and transitioned to medium risk through June as viral rates and hospital admissions associated with that wave ebbed. The relief was short-lived, though, with all five boroughs now in a heightened state of risk.

Is this a slow ramp-up to another lockdown? Face masks are recommended for everyone indoors and in public settings, regardless of vaccination status.  This comes as some neighborhoods in Manhattan and Queens are seeing 25% positivity rates (again). City health officials renewed their indoor mask advisory on Friday in light of the updated COVID data.

China has continually been locking down its slaves under the “zero COVID” policy forced by the ruling class.

Xi’an Shuts Down Again Over 18 COVID Cases

The Guardian says that the United States is “headed in a bad direction” because the Omicron strain BA.5. is going to cause the 2nd worse wave yet. But how is that possible if the “vaccines” are “working”? Here’s the story they are going with. It’s the official narrative:

The BA.5 sub-variant has immuno-evasive properties that cause reinfection even after vaccination and previous illness.

The BA.5 version of Covid-19 has become the majority variant of the virus in America in a matter of weeks, in a troubling development that comes amid what may already be America’s second-largest wave of the pandemic. 

So they are basically admitting that everyone who was naive enough to get injected with some sort of medical belief that they’d be fine if they bowed down to their master and obeyed are all back in the same boat as everyone who refused to comply with the medical tyranny. Interesting. Obedience didn’t save the slaves from the same fate as everyone else.

U.S. Ruling Class Data: Fully “Vaccinated” Are Developing AIDS

Not to mention they are trying to panic people over “Centaurus” now as well:

New COVID Variant Called “Centaurus” Is The New “Stealth Omicron”


11 thoughts on “New York Reinstates “Mask Advisory” As “6th Wave” Hits The Fully Vaccinated City

  1. “Once you gamble on stupid and lose, there’s no other strategy than doubling-down.” You are who you are – truth, reason, and evidence won’t change that. If they did – you wouldn’t be stupid.

  2. I just came across a story about the first vaccine injured Canadian who will receive benefits from the government! I loved PaPa’s quote above, about stupid. I learned a lot about a milk toast society from Henry yesterday, after posting something about what was happening in Australia with all the vaccine injured people there. They have weakened the population so severely with their covid crime that now, it doesn’t matter why they took the shot. They didn’t fight when they had the chance. Now, the damage has been done. I’m still fighting. Before all of this covid crap came down on us, I believed I needed a family doctor. It was hard to find one. I found one. Now, I know I don’t need one. She has already tried to use fear to get me to go for one routine procedure or another, but I fought her. I said NO. I told her the truth about covid. She replied something about conspiracy theories and that she works for the government! A government agent, she is! The Trenches helped me to see through her! Self preservation is my fight right now. The herd is far too big, far too fat and far too sick for one lone individual to get through to. They don’t give a f**k. I look around at the medical clinics my husband relies on as a permanently impaired stroke survivor. The people are fattened up, ripe for the slaughter, face diapers on as they enter, and now, PaPa’s quote about stupid really resonates with me.

    1. Re: “Self preservation is my fight right now.”

      For the hell of it, I looked up “self-preservation”: Noun, the protection of oneself from harm or death.

      Doesn’t sound like “Liberty Before Death” to me.

      Got me asking myself what MY fight is right now. It’s for our Bill of Rights, so my grandkids and everybody else’s grandkids can live free. It’s so I can watch evil dissolve into dust, FINALLY!!

      You say the people “don’t give a f**k” and “are ripe for slaughter.” That’s the sick minority. Look wider at the ready and intelligent who won’t back down. We are the many and we are growing.


      1. Ha!! I meant Liberty Before Life!! But maybe it came out that way ’cause I really wanna see true liberty before I die. Running out of time.


        1. Me, too. Galen, you rock! You are one of the most intelligent women I have never met. I love learning from you. <3

      2. Galen, you got me on that one. When we defy the mask mandates, it is about liberty and self preservation. We need to breathe. When I mentioned the herd, it was in the context of the medical clinic industry. Your comment about the ready and intelligent who won’t back down gave me a much needed lift.

        With the Bill of Rights percolating in our minds at all times, through all of this, our defiance is our duty. We’re doing it! 🙂 🙂

      3. Galen, I love the conversations I have with you because you really make me think hard about the things I say. I took some time to lay down on the ground, eyes to the sky, and mind on what “give me liberty or give me death” meant to me, the day they tried to lock me down and force the people to mask up. I chose liberty that day. I chose self preservation. I chose to breathe. I chose to speak up. I chose to tell the mask nazi at the entrance of the store I needed to go into, to go f**k himself as I tossed the mask in the garbage and marched right on past that check point which was guarded by a brown person from India. Everyone else at that store, at least 20 or more when I was there, chose death that day. They chose the lie. I wonder how many of them chose the death shot believing it was self preservation. We are alive. We chose liberty. When Patrick Henry said those words, I tend to wonder whose death he was talking about. Would that he would be here today to see how many of the people chose death, believing that strapping on a face cover and taking an injection was life and liberty. Give me liberty or give me death were the words I went by that day. Galen, I need a friend like you. Thanks for everything.

        1. I’m still thinking hard about what Henry said about having his bones broken and his blood spilled. The courage I felt that day was nothing compared to what it took to take on the actual, physical harm done to him in the fight for liberty. This was a start for me, because had I not heard what he had been saying at that time, I don’t know if I could have exercised my rights the way I was able to do that day. I am learning about what it truly means to get my mind right.

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